February 15, 2019
Ann Coulter Slams Trump: 'Only National Emergency Is Our President Is An Idiot'

On Thursday, it was announced that Congress and President Donald Trump would sign a deal that would prevent a second government shutdown from being triggered on Friday night over border wall funding. At the same time, the administration announced the intention of the president instead to declare a national emergency to secure the money he wants for the wall.

The official announcement came on Friday afternoon, with Trump sharing the news from the White House. The move has been slammed by lawmakers from both parties, with Republicans concerned that it would set a bad precedent for future Democratic presidents to also circumvent Congress to push their own agendas.

Ann Coulter, an author and columnist who is usually a staunch Trump supporter and conservative commentator, slammed the president shortly after the announcement. She started by slamming the president for "scamming the stupidest people" in his fan base, according to a previous report by the Inquisitr.

Trump responded to Coulter's criticism, claiming he doesn't know Coulter at all, but "probably she'd be very nice" if he did meet her, and adding that she was "off the reservation." Coulter again lashed back, according to The Hill, saying that "the only national emergency is that our president is an idiot" while speaking during a radio interview on Friday afternoon.

Coulter was also relieved to hear the president repeatedly say that he doesn't know her, as she feels it has absolved her of any responsibility for his actions. This despite the fact that Coulter has been a strong supporter of Trump's long-promised wall along the southern border.

"THANK YOU, Mr. President for admitting that your total capitulation on campaign promises has nothing to do with me," she tweeted. "That was the biggest favor anyone could do [for] me today," she later added, while speaking on radio on Friday.

Coulter first appeared to turn on Trump at the end of January when the president agreed to come to an arrangement to end the partial government shutdown that left almost a million federal employees without a paycheck for 35 days. Since then, she has been publicly criticizing the president at every turn, a strange break from her usual support of Trump.

That came after she said in December that she would not be supporting the president for re-election in 2020 if he didn't somehow manage to at least get a deal to have the wall built. Trump promptly unfollowed her on Twitter after that.