Mom Does Striptease In Front Of Elementary School Assembly

Albany, NY — A woman jumped on stage during an assembly at North Albany Academy and inexplicably started stripping in front of about 200 elementary school students in the cafeteria.

At first she was just dancing with the students, but then she abruptly started to shed her clothes.

The Albany ABC affiliate as well as other news outlets identified the topless woman as Aydrea Meaders, 24.

Staff at the school ushered her off the stage, dismissed the assembly and called police. Meaders was reportedly charged with seven counts of child endangerment and one count of public lewdness, with a bail of $3,000.

Albany School District spokesman Ron Lesko said it was “obviously a completely unexpected turn of events in what had been up until that point a fabulous assembly for the school community.”

He also mentioned that the woman was behaving normally during most of the assembly and had been having a “perfectly normal” conversation with the North Albany Academy principal before she began exposing her self on stage.

Lesko noted that the Academy encourages parent participation at school events but obviously the striptease crossed the line. The fact that she she went up on stage in the first place was unexpected and not part of the program, he explained. Prior to taking off her clothes, Lesko said, “she wasn’t doing anything inappropriate.” Things changed when she she took off her coat and stripped from the waist up.

Aydrea-Meaders mugshot

The school is providing counseling services to the students. North Albany Academy is currently on its one-week winter break.