February 15, 2019
Man Points Gun At Guests Over Parking Spot At Disney's Animal Kingdom

When going to Walt Disney World, many people love to try and forget the problems and issues of their outside life, but it isn't always easy. It's even more difficult to do that when there are dozens of thousands of other people around you. That was exactly the case when a man pointed a gun at guests in the parking lot of Disney's Animal Kingdom as they argued over a parking spot.

There have been numerous cases of road rage and anger in parking lots over the years, and some have even resulted in injuries and death. Most of the time, those arguments happen during the busy Christmas holidays, but it is really possible whenever you get into a very crowded location such as Walt Disney World.

The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that an incident happened on Sunday involving an argument over a disabled parking spot at Disney's Animal Kingdom. There have been no arrests made as of yet, as the Orange County Sheriff's Office is still determining what the true story actually is.

On Sunday, a 62-year-old woman and her 60-year-old husband were heading to Disney's Animal Kingdom to use their Walt Disney World Annual Passes. The woman was driving their vehicle and was about to pull into a disabled parking spot, but she needed to wait for the previous car to back out of the spot.

That is when the problem started.

The entrance to Disney's Animal Kingdom
Danny Cox

As soon as the other car backed out of the disabled spot, another male guest driving a gray SUV sped in from the opposite direction and took the spot in front of the couple. The female guest described the other driver as a man in his 70s with a big gray beard who almost crashed into their vehicle.

The man in the car that was cut off raised his fist at the SUV driver, which led to the older man pointing a semi-automatic handgun at the couple. The couple says they feared for their lives, but the passenger in the SUV says that wasn't how things happened.

Once at the security checkpoint, the 65-year-old female passenger in the SUV told police that the driver made an angry gesture, but it was with his wallet, not a gun. She did confirm that there were weapons in their vehicle, but they do have permits for concealed weapons.

Police did not release the names of any of those involved.

Statements from police did say that it was possible the SUV driver's wallet may have resembled a "square flat [gun] magazine." A search warrant was obtained to search the SUV, but any information regarding what was found was redacted in the incident report.

Walt Disney World has tightened up its security over the years and, as reported by U.S. Concealed Carry, weapons are not allowed anywhere in the parks or resort hotels. If guests bring them to the theme parks, they must be left in a vehicle or checked in with security when entering the park.