Miranda Lambert Gets In Restaurant Fight, Staff Call 911

Country singer Miranda Lambert is being accused by staff of hitting people and flipping plates at Nashville's Stoney River Steakhouse, reports Daily Mail. An argument with a woman escalated to Lambert reportedly dumping salad on her head.

TMZ leaked the 911 calls from a female employee and male manager who worked at the steakhouse.

"Miranda Lambert, she just ran out the door and got into it with another couple right here. I'm just – I'm sorry, my manager just said call 911, and he wants police here now," a female employee can be heard telling emergency services.

TMZ reported that the singer had an aggressive reaction when the couple at the neighboring table started arguing with her, resulting in salad allegedly being thrown.

Miranda was attending a dinner with her mother Beverly Hughes and an unidentified male, who reportedly had an altercation with another man at the restaurant. Apparently, the other man approached Lambert's table cursing, in what was reportedly the third confrontation that night. At some point during the incident, Lambert started hitting people.

"She's flipping plates over on 'em," the restaurant staffer told 911.

TMZ reports that Lambert's family friend, the man, was verbally attacked in the restroom. A comment toward him concerning "millennials and their phones" was made.

The man from the bathroom reportedly "came up to Lambert's table and started screaming" and the singer had to be restrained.

After this was the salad dumping altercation, which Miranda allegedly "did to the man's wife to prove a point."

According to TMZ, sources close to Lambert said that "an older man started beefing with Miranda's buddy, and things started spiraling out of control."

When the manager contacted emergency services, he could be heard trying to break up the fight between the two men on the call.

The manager was asked if the men are armed, and he said, "not that I know of, but one's saying that he's a cop, and the other says he works for Homeland Security."

The manager then told the 911 dispatcher that he was trying to diffuse the situation by standing between the two guys. Later, he describes the men involved, noting one man was 6-foot-2, 260 pounds and 55 to 60 years old. He guessed that the other man was between 30 to 35 years old and about 140 pounds and explained that he was an out-of-state cop.

The manager said, "man, they're trying to pay their check and get out of here, but I really wish somebody would come and intervene on this, man. 'Cause this was – this has completely disrupted our whole restaurant, man."

He was asked if the younger man was Lambert's security, but the manager responded that he was not clear of the relationship between the unidentified man and Lambert, guessing that he may be a bodyguard.

By the time the police arrived, Lambert and her party had left, so no report was logged.