Are Banks Open On Presidents Day?

Spencer PlattGetty Images

Presidents Day is a holiday that tends to have people wondering what will be open and what will be closed. There can be some great sales available in the retail sector each year, but some other day-to-day establishments — such as schools, banks, and mail service — aren’t necessarily open and available. In particular, when it comes to banks, there isn’t one fail-safe answer that works nationally.

USA Today notes that Federal Reserve Banks will all be closed for Presidents Day. As Mass Live explains, most banks are closed for this particular holiday. The Federal Reserve will not be processing checks on Monday, but some individual bank branches across the country may be open with transactions processing on Tuesday.

Most banks do follow the lead of the Federal Reserve System and close for Presidents Day, but it is not a federally mandated holiday for private banking entities. The pattern of closing for the day applies to both national and regional banks, and Go Banking Rates indicates that most of the major banking entities have announced that they will be closed on Monday.

One of the few exceptions related to TD Bank branches, which are going to be open for Presidents Day in 2019. However, other popular banks like Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Capital One Bank, Chase, Citibank, PNC Bank, and SunTrust Bank are all slated to be closed. It seems that U.S. Bank appears to have most of its locations closed on Presidents Day as well, but some branches may be open. Customers will want to check their local spot for their specific holiday hours and closures.


Banks points out that there are still bank-related tasks that can be done on Presidents Day. Customers may not be able to head to a branch location on Monday and work directly with a teller or call to get information via the phone, but many other tasks can be completed.

Luckily, many national and regional banks offer online access and mobile applications that can still accomplish a great deal. In addition, ATMs are available even if the branches are closed, and customers should still be able to use those to deposit checks and access funds. For those who can plan ahead a bit, most banks should be available on Saturday within their usual hours of operation.

Customers will not be able to buy money orders or cashier’s checks through the bank on Presidents Day, and scheduled payments will not go out on Monday. All banks will return to normal hours and operations on Tuesday, and consumers should be in good shape for a while, with the next federal holiday not coming until Memorial Day in May.