February 15, 2019
Lolo Jones Blames Editing For Portrayal Of Herself And Other Houseguests On 'Celebrity Big Brother'

Houseguests from Celebrity Big Brother are adjusting to life back in the real world now that Season 2 has come to a close. Tamar Braxton was crowned the winner of the popular reality series Wednesday night over Ricky Williams who came in second place. Olympian Lolo Jones made it to the top four but was evicted by Head of Household (HOH) Ricky on finale night. As the final HOH, Ricky had the power to evict two houseguests, single-handedly getting to decide who would sit next to him in the final two.

To say Lolo was upset and aggravated would be an understatement, and the bobsledder is still upset about things even though she's now out of the game and back home. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Lolo went after her fellow houseguest and Olympian Ryan Lochte on Twitter the other day after fans began comparing the two athletes. In a new interview with Parade, Lolo is dishing on the portrayal of people in the house and thinks editing has played a huge role in how viewers saw the different houseguests this season.

"The most frustrating thing is the way [the show] was edited. Everybody has different personalities. But we were saying that certain people were doing these triggers, and it's unacceptable. Now I'm getting out of the house and I'm being told that Natalie and I were being portrayed as bullies to Tom when it was quite the opposite. Tom and Kato were saying threatening things towards the women in the house, and that was all edited."
Lolo, Natalie Eva Marie, Tom Green, and Kato Kaelin had a solid alliance for about a week in the house but things dissolved rather quickly when the gendered-pairs didn't agree on their feelings with Ricky. Tom and Kato were both called threatening in the house by some of the women which didn't sit well with the men whatsoever.

Some fans have clapped back at Lolo for her remarks regarding editing, citing the live feeds. CBS offers live feeds where viewers can watch what the houseguests are doing live and unedited 24/7 in between episodes. Several viewers have stood by Tom and Kato saying they were never threatening to Lolo or the other women based on what they saw in the live feeds, and some continued to bash the Olympian by saying she was the crazy houseguest all along.

"Lolo Jones thinks the reason people think she was a mean girl is because of editing. Live feeds tell no lies," one fan tweeted.

Big Brother Season 21 airs this June on CBS. Julie Chen is set to return as host.