February 15, 2019
Chrissy Teigen Sparks Twitter Roast Of Kim Kardashian's Kenny G Valentine's Day Surprise

Kim Kardashian's Valentine's Day gift from Kanye West -- saxophonist Kenny G surrounded by roses as he played "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" while in her living room -- may have seemed romantic to many fans, but for others, the gesture was concerning. When Kardashian shared a video of the surprise from her husband on Twitter, the ever-sarcastic Chrissy Teigen commented that Kenny looked a bit trapped in the center of the flower maze. Naturally, other Twitter users joined in -- and have since ran wild with the joke.

One clip on Kardashian's Twitter feed showed the musician wearing a blue suit as he played the tune in her cream-colored living room, now empty except for several vases with single pink, red, and beige roses scattered across the room. In another tweet, she explained that West, her husband of five years, set the surprise up himself. Kardashian honored him with the "best husband award," according to Entertainment Tonight.

Teigen had some very important questions about West's arrangement for his wife.

"Did Kenny have to stand there while the flowers were being set up? How did he get out? We need more info on Kenny!!!" the model-turned-chef wrote to her longtime pal.

Apparently, Teigen voiced the thoughts of several other "Kimye" fans. Comments about Kenny's situation poured in, mostly asking how he escaped the trap.

"I respect Kenny G but this looks like a room setup in one of those Saw movies," one person said.

Another user was 100 percent positive that Kenny was trapped, and that his song was actually an SOS message for followers to get him out.

Someone else wanted to know how the scenario was set up in the first place, while another user wondered what happened once Kenny finished his song, according to Time.

"Did they build the vases around Kenny G, or did Kenny G have to maneuver around the vases?" someone said.

"What does Kenny G do after this? Does he just pack up and leave like he's some local musician for hire or does he hang out with Kim and Kanye?" another said.

West made a quick appearance in Kardashian's video, when she turned the camera to his smiling face in the doorway. A few trolls took a screenshot of the look on West's face and joked that he was smiling because his plan to trap the musician -- forever -- had worked, Cosmopolitan reported.

Kenny has not yet eased the minds of Twitter fans by confirming his safety, but he did later share a photo on Twitter of himself enjoying his favorite gin after "a long day of spreading love." So, it is safe to say he either made it out of the rose maze alive, or West and Kardashian are at least keeping him hydrated.