'Teen Wolf' Alum Tyler Posey Opens Up About Relationship With Sophia Ali

Valentine's Day may be over, but love is still in the air for some celeb couples. Teen Wolf alum Tyler Posey opened up about his relationship with Grey's Anatomy actress Sophia Ali, gushing about their mutual respect and admiration for each other -- and how they plan on getting inked with matching tattoos.

"I love everything about this girl. She makes me the person that I am supposed to be. She's the greatest person in the world," Posey, 27, told Us Weekly.

The actor also said that he consults with his lady-love when considering new and interesting roles. In his upcoming series for Starz, Now Apocalypse, Posey will take on the role of love interest to one of the male lead characters. When pitching the idea to Ali, the actress said that he should go for it -- and that people would look up to the character. Agreeing, Posey said that people would love it, and so he went to the audition.

Ali has seen the series, and Posey revealed that she loves it, and that she thinks it's wonderful seeing her boyfriend in a different light. The series focuses on a man named Ulysses, who, along with his gang of friends, tries to find love and fame in an ever-changing world. The kicker, however, is that Ulysses suffers from what he considers premonitory dreams, which spins the story in a science-fiction direction.

The actress gets her fair share of support from her man, too. Posey gushed about how talented he finds her, and how attracted he is to her -- to the point that he is almost intimidated by the total package.

"I think she's extremely talented and a great person. I'm inspired by her a lot and she intimidates me sometimes, which I'm not really used to. I'm nervous right now talking about it. She's beautiful, really cool, has a lot of my same interests. Yeah, I could go on about that, too."
The adorable couple take the time to update their fans about their romance, as well as on the subject of their busy professional lives. Posey told Us Weekly that the duo loves to travel -- and that they recently took an exciting trip to Big Bear, spending time in cozy rentals they found on Airbnb. They love to take road trips, listen to music, and show each other off on Instagram.
Back in December, the couple traveled to Hawaii, and wowed fans with some updates of the enviable trip. Ali showed off their lush bathtub, one overflowing with bubbles, that sat overlooking Waimanalo Beach. The actress mused that she didn't have time for anything else except for that bit of rest and relaxation.

Posey and Ali also sought adventure on their Hawaiian excursion. Ali posted a photo of the couple holding hands as they dove off of a cliff into a into a deep, crystal-blue pool. They followed up with a couple of shots of themselves climbing the crags, and stopped for a cute photoshoot -- smiling wide as they held on to one another.

Fans of both Ali and Posey will be keeping an eye out for the next adventure the gorgeous couple will jet off to next, and will be keeping a lookout for the next update from the happy duo.