February 15, 2019
Lady Gaga Gets Stunning New Tattoo To Pay Tribute To 'A Star Is Born'

There is no way Lady Gaga could ever forget her breakout film A Star Is Born, which is one of the biggest films of the moment, but she now has a permanent reminder of it on her body, just in case. The star recently got a stunning new tattoo that People noted was in honor of the world-renowned film, ensuring that a piece of it will be with her wherever she goes.

The Grammy winner shared a photo of her new ink to her Instagram account on Thursday, February 14, going shirtless to show off the gorgeous, intricate rose that now lives on her spine with the words "la vie en rose" written in script and surrounding the stem of the flower.

The lyrics are from the song of the same name by Edith Piaf and, as noted by People, play an important role in the Oscar-nominated film. Ally, Lady Gaga's character in A Star Is Born, is performing the song at a drag bar when Jackson, portrayed by Bradley Cooper, instantly becomes transfixed by the singer, marking not only the start of their relationship but also Ally's music career.

Cooper, who also made his directorial debut with the film, explained to Digital Spy that he chose the song and the setting because he wanted to "put [Jackson] in a situation where you would think he would behave a certain way but he doesn't at all."

"I didn't want her to sing a song that she had written, and 'La Vie en Rose' is a song that I'd have her sing in real life for the first time," Cooper said. "It felt like a drag bar would be the perfect place to explore and then define for the audience who these people are."

Lady Gaga's fans went wild for the photo of her new ink, which at the time of this writing had accrued more than 1.4 million likes on Instagram within the first day of being uploaded. Mark Ronson, who co-wrote the film's Golden Globe-winning song with Gaga, also took note of the importance of the singer's newest piece of body art.

"The song that started it all," he commented on the stunning upload.

The rose was not the only new tattoo the "Joanne" singer got. Another photo shared to her Instagram account also revealed she got a music staff with the musical notes "G" and "A" on them to spell out "GAGA," though the art didn't come without a small hiccup.

A since-deleted post showed that the staff was original missing one line, though a new photo shows that the singer quickly fixed the mistake, which she explained was due to "too many tequilas."

"As a music theory student I'm appalled, [but] as someone having fun with their friends I'm relieved," she said of the happy accident.