February 15, 2019
Leah Remini Shares Saucy Valentine's Day Message From Hubby Angelo Pagan

Scientology and the Aftermath star Leah Remini was showered with love yesterday by both her husband and adorable, teenaged daughter. Remini took the time to share the sweet cards and gifts that her family left her, showing off the saucy message from her hubby, Angelo Pagan, who was looking to up the romance on Valentine's Day by taking his bride to the bedroom.

Remini shared the snap of the heartfelt presents and lavish rose bouquet her husband had gifted her, and urged her 2.3 million followers to take a peek at the last line of the sentimental card.

"My love. My bad*ss. Thank you for being you and for being wonderful at the same time," the card began. Pagan topped the message off with a hint that he wanted to spend a romantic evening with his wife, and Remini joked that she was feeling the love until she got to the end, quipping that it was a typical card written by a man.

Remini's daughter, 15-year old Sofia, gifted her mom a goodie bag filled with sweet notes that spelled out the 20 ways in which she loves and admires her. Ranging from sweet to hysterical, Sofia included "you are the bravest person I know," and "the funny way you say words," while also giving her mother praise for taking care of her when she is sick, and giving her endless hugs, as seen on Remini's Instagram.

The King of Queens actress noted that her daughter's inclusion of her "how you own your b*tchyness" was going to deter her from following through on how Sofia wrote, "how you never ground me."

Getting into the Valentine's Day spirit, the reality star also shared a snap of her Cupid-inspired nails she had done up for the occasion. The long, stiletto style acrylics were painted fire-engine red, and she added a pink heart as an accent nail on her ring finger.

Remini, who is an outspoken activist for several causes – including her lengthy investigation via her reality show to expose the truth, abuse, and scandals behind the Church of Scientology – also took to Instagram to share a touching note in remembrance of those that lost their lives during the Parkland Massacre on the one year anniversary of the devastating event.

"As I made my daughter breakfast and sent her off to school this morning, my heart was breaking for those who had their children and loved ones tragically taken from them. No one should have to experience and live with that kind of pain. Our hearts are with you, Parkland," Remini shared, while adding a collage of the victims to her post.