February 15, 2019
'The Bachelor' Spoilers: Cassie And Kirpa Butt Heads Over Colton In Episode 7

There's a lot of drama on the way with Episode 7 of Colton Underwood's Bachelor season, and spoilers from a new sneak peek reveal additional details. Previews all season long have shown frontrunner Cassie Randolph arguing with one of her fellow bachelorettes, and now viewers can see what that's about and when it'll finally be shown.

Entertainment Weekly shares the new clip that shows Cassie arguing with Kirpa Sudick. Until now, the previews typically made it look as if Cassie was fighting with Caelynn Miller-Keyes, but that isn't the case.

The Bachelor spoilers indicate that while everybody is in Denver, some of the women will get heated as they discuss the talk Katie Morton had with Colton before she left. Underwood has been left very concerned about whether all of the ladies he still has in his group are serious about finding love with him and are interested in ultimately getting engaged.

Colton laid it on the line after the Episode 6 rose ceremony, noting that he'd heard from Demi Burnett, Sydney Lotuaco, and Katie that there were women left who weren't interested in an engagement. Viewers saw Tayshia Adams and Kirpa whispering about things, and now it looks as if all of this stirs things up in a big way during the show airing on Monday, February 18.

The EW preview shows Kirpa telling Cassie that she backs up Katie's decision to talk to Colton about some women not being ready. Sudick insists that Katie wouldn't have made things up, and Bachelor spoilers detail that Randolph is really rattled by all of this. What apparently hasn't been shown in full, but is central to this, is a tidbit that gossip guru Reality Steve previously shared.

Reality Steve indicated that at some point during filming in Thailand, other women heard Caelynn and Cassie talking about their interest in being the next Bachelorette. It seems that this is what led Katie to say what she said, and it seems likely to be what Tayshia is referencing when she talks about how Colton needs to hear the "tea."

Knowing that, and that someone perhaps went ahead and filled Colton in on this overheard conversation, Cassie being so upset in this preview clip makes a bit more sense. The Bachelor spoilers from the sneak peek show Randolph ranting, and it sounds as if she's upset about things that both Morton and Sudick said to Underwood.

Things do get intense between Cassie and Kirpa as they argue about this, and Hannah Godwin is seen seemingly sitting there quietly watching it all play out. Randolph even says that it reeks of desperation to her, and she insists it's not true. In a moment speaking directly to the camera, Cassie rants about how in her opinion, Kirpa's an idiot.

Based on other Bachelor spoilers previously shared via the Inquisitr, it looks like all of this drama plays out during the Episode 7 group date. It's not clear where Colton is during this battle, but additional teasers from the Inquisitr indicate that he'll be feeling quite stressed out about all of this throughout his time back in Denver.

It rarely works well to be the one to tell the lead something negative about other contestants. Unfortunately, it looks like Kirpa may learn that for herself during Monday night's show. Just four of the remaining women will get hometown dates, and Bachelor spoilers tease that Colton Underwood will struggle as he makes these tough decisions.