Virginia Dad Kills Two Intruders, One Remains At Large

Prince Edward, VA – A Virginia killed two of three armed home invaders on Sunday evening. The intruders burst into the home of the unnamed man his two-year-old son. The robbery took place around 4:30 in the morning. A third suspect in the Virginia home invasion remains on the loose.

Video footage from the scene shared by WWBT-TV captured one of the Prince Edward County home invaders dying in the front yard. The local news video shows a body covered by a white sheet as police officers secure the scene.

The Virginia dad told sheriff’s deputies that the armed robbers broke down his door, The Blaze notes. A startled yet apparently clear-headed Virginia dad grabbed his gun and fought off the intruders. Sheriff’s deputies utilized a K-9 officer to track the third armed robber suspect, but the trail ultimately went cold. Prince Edward County law enforcement officers believe the remaining gunman was picked up in by another party and drove away from the scene.

Prince Edward County Sheriff Wesley Reed had this to say about the deadly home invasion:

“Two suspects kicked the door in of this residence located behind me. There was an exchange of gunfire between the suspects and the victim; Leaving two suspects dead.”

The dad and toddler were unharmed during the home invasion. The Virginia State Police are aiding local officers in the investigation. There is currently no indication that the Prince Edward County dad will be charged for the shooting of the armed home invaders.

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