February 15, 2019
'RHONJ' Filming Begins Early To Maximize Joe Giudice Deportation Drama

Production on the next season of Real Housewives of New Jersey has reportedly been sped up in order to capture the deportation drama surrounding Teresa and Joe Giudice. Bravo has decided to start rolling the cameras early so that they don't miss a second of Joe's exit from prison and what happens next.

Radar Online says that a show insider is reporting that Bravo will start production on the next season of RHONJ at the end of this month in an effort to watch the Giudice family drama unfold.

Joe Giudice has been ordered deported from the United States by a Department of Justice immigration judge, but he has filed a last appeal in an effort to remain with his family.

"Filming for the next season is going to start at the end of February or right at the beginning of March. Producers want to make sure that they have everything about [the] Joe Giudice deportation situation on camera for maximum drama."
The rumor mill has been working overtime with the buzz that Teresa and the girls won't go with Joe if he's deported back to his birthplace of Italy, and that she has been consulting with a divorce lawyer in order to weigh her options.
The ultimate decision about Joe Giudice's fate could be decided in the next few weeks, and so production reportedly wants to capture as much of the drama as possible as it unfolds.
"The Bravo cameras are going to get all of the emotions from Teresa and the girls about whatever happens."
There are many facets to the story of Joe Giudice and his current circumstance, says the Inquisitr. While Teresa and their daughters were born in the United States and are citizens, Joe was born in Italy and never became a citizen. His current status is as a legal alien, but that was put in jeopardy when he was convicted of a felony along with his wife.

Because of his conviction, Joe is no longer eligible to become a citizen, and per the law, should be deported. When the topic of deportation came up initially, it seemed like a remote possibility, and so Teresa stated publicly that she and the girls would follow Joe back to Italy.

But as Joe's circumstance became direr, the RHONJ star started to waffle and seemed reluctant to leave America and everything that is familiar to her family. Teresa's family, including her recently widowed father and her brother, Joe Gorga, live in New Jersey, and so only time will tell if the Giudices stay or go.