February 15, 2019
Samsung Might Have Confirmed Galaxy S10's Release Date On US Pre-Order Site

Samsung has launched a U.S. pre-order site for the Galaxy S10 ahead of the device's expected announcement next Wednesday, and it appears that the company has included a release date for what the company is referring to as "your next Galaxy device."

In a report published Thursday, TechRadar noted that pre-order customers can expect to get the Galaxy S10 by Friday, March 8, or about two-and-a-half weeks after Samsung's February 20 media event. This lines up with a previous report that suggested the Galaxy S10 would be out in stores on March 8 in South Korea, and as speculated by TechRadar, Samsung might be planning on releasing the device globally on the same day it becomes available in its home country.

Based on the U.S. pre-order site, details on the Galaxy S10's release are still scant apart from the apparent March 8 release date. At the moment, the site does not allow users to choose the model they wish to pre-order — previous reports suggested that Samsung will be unveiling three models at next Wednesday's press event, namely the standard S10, the larger S10 Plus, and the budget-priced S10e.

The site, however, allows users to trade in their current phone and get up to $550 worth of savings, provided that it meets Samsung's qualifications for an "eligible" trade-in device. According to TechRadar, buyers hoping to get the full $550 savings would likely need to trade in a newer flagship-level device like the iPhone XS, Samsung Galaxy S9, or Google Pixel 3, though those who own a slightly older phone like the Galaxy S8 could get a discount of $300 as part of Samsung's promotion.

With only five days remaining before the Galaxy S10's expected launch date on Wednesday, it remains unclear how much the device's three variants will cost. However, Indian tech publication 91mobiles reported earlier this week that Samsung is likely to raise prices to make its new flagship phones closer in price to last year's iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max. Per Forbes, this could mean the Galaxy S10e, S10, and S10 Plus will cost about $700, $900, and $1,050 respectively when they become available for purchase in the U.S.

Given how Samsung's Galaxy S10 line is rumored to be more expensive than last year's Galaxy S9 series, those who are fine with owning last year's flagship phone can purchase the 64GB version of the Galaxy S9 in Midnight Black on Amazon, where it is currently selling for $599.15. Likewise, a certified refurbished version of the 64GB Galaxy S9 Plus in Coral Blue is available for $529.99, also on Amazon.