February 15, 2019
Slash Announces A New Guns N' Roses Album Is On Its Way

It's been a long time coming, but Slash has confirmed there's a new Guns N' Roses album in the works.

According to LouderSound, the top-hatted maestro declared that Guns N' Roses have laid down some new tracks and plan to do some more recording for a new album. The only downside is that Slash won't give a definitive date when the long-awaited long-player will hit the stores.

Gunner guitarist Richard Fortus had previously gone on record as saying that a new Guns N' Roses single could drop before the year's out but as always with this band, everything is open for speculation and up in the air.

Slash explained that he has discussed plans for a new record with singer Axl Rose, bassist Duff McKagan, and Fortus, but as quoted by LouderSound, he told TVK's Rock City that a lot has yet to be decided.

"It's just, with Guns N' Roses, you don't go, 'Oh, there's a plan, and it's gonna be like this,' because that's not how it works."
Slash said that all the band can tell fans is that they're planning on putting a new record out and "we'll just see what happens when it happens."

In the same interview, Slash gave his thoughts on the recent reunion tour and admitted it was something of a shock that the band got back together in the first place.

Guns N' Roses live on stage.
Getty Images for Coachella | Kevin Winter

He recalls the first show the reunited band did "was magic."

"To be on stage with Duff and Axl and just have that chemistry was so powerful. You forget, because it had been a lot of years since I jammed with both those guys, and it was really powerful," Slash added.

"And one thing led to another, and we just ended up having this amazing tour that you couldn't possibly dream of."
Slash also elaborated that he was relieved to have enjoyed a tour free of what he described as "Axl Rose bulls**t."

In 2018, Slash, whose real name is Saul Hudson, told USA Today that after 20 years of not talking to one another and carrying around a lot of bad blood, he buried the hatchet with Axl and felt it was cathartic to call time on the past and move on.

He also stressed that the roots of the feud had grown into something unrecognizable because the media insisted on perpetuating the bad feeling between the two of them.

Yet as the rock n' roller pointed out, a lot of water has gone under the bridge and "things happen as they happen." However, he still insists on "not having any regrets."