February 15, 2019
Ryan Adams Scandal: New Album Reportedly Shelved, Companies Cut Ties To Musician

Singer-songwriter Ryan Adams was accused of sexual misconduct and emotional abuse by seven women earlier this week in a shocking exposé published in the New York Times. Now, it is being reported that his upcoming album is being shelved, and three companies have announced that they are severing all ties to him.

On Wednesday, February 13, the Inquisitr detailed the women's atrocious accusations against the 44-year-old musician, which included inappropriate sexual conduct with a minor and seeking sexual favors in return for professional assistance, manipulation, psychological and verbal abuse, and harassment. One of the victim's who spoke up was his ex-wife, popular This Is Us star Mandy Moore.

Before the New York Times story came out, Adams had planned on releasing three brand-new albums in 2019. The first new record slated to come out, Big Colors, had a scheduled release date of April 19 on his own label, Pax-Am, which Universal Music Group was to distribute.

However, Variety reported on Thursday, February 15, that, because of the severity of the allegations, Adams' album has been "put on hold." This news came from sources close to the situation and retailers who were notified about the change. The publication also noted that Pax-Am deleted pages on its website to pre-order the Big Colors CD and LP.

On the same day, three different businesses that produce gear for musicians released public statements stating that they will no longer be selling or developing products that bear his name.

Benson, a company that produces amplifiers, has "decided to suspend" its relationship with Adams and will "no longer move forward with the development of the Ryan Adams signature model," according to owner Christopher Benson, who shared the information in a post on Instagram.

Colt Westbrook, the president of Walrus Audio, also released a statement via Instagram that said that the company's "reactive plan" is to discontinue an Adams-branded pedal, the Defcon4, and no longer sell the product.

"We will come forward with a proactive plan to help bring power to people combatting abuse as we figure out the best way to do so," added Westbrook.

"Our hearts are heavy not just for the women involved but for every child, teen, and adult today who has, who is, and will in the future have to endure and find healing from the oppressive culture of sex abuse."
The third company disconnecting with Adams is JHS Pedals. On Twitter, company founder Josh Scott stated that he was "ceasing all collaboration with Ryan" and has "discontinued the VCR Ryan Adams Signature Pedal."

Scott further stated that the company will rebrand the remaining stock of VCR pedals and "sell this inventory with a portion of the sale going towards the fight against sexual abuse and misconduct."

Adams has a European tour lined up that is scheduled to begin on March 30 in Dublin. No word yet if those shows will be canceled.