February 14, 2019
Alexis Ren Leaves Little To The Imagination In Skimpy Cutoff Tee Shirt Showing Off Insane Body

Alexis Ren spent her Valentine's Day the right way -- wearing her most comfortable outfit and rocking a face mask to detox her pores. Though Ren might have looked a little silly for the makeshift spa day, she managed to still appear flawless and sexy by rocking a cut off T-shirt that exposed the underside of her breasts, and showed off her insane body and chiseled abs.

The sexiness factor got taken up a notch when Ren lifted her arms to tie her hair up in a top-knot, and pulled the shirt up with the movement, showing off even more skin. Her delicately placed tattoos were visible for the snap, and she wore a pair of gray, elastic-waist shorts that sat low on her voluptuous hips.

Earlier in the day, Ren shared a trio of snaps where she handled two dozen long stem roses glowing in a classic, cupid-inspired red. Ren advised her fans that Valentine's Day was nothing more than a commercialized, made up holiday, and mused that even though someone may be single, that does not mean they are unworthy of love.

She jokingly added that if her followers did not start loving themselves, she would come to their houses, chill with them on their couches, watch movies, and eat junk food together. She popped a rose in her mouth in the middle of the series of photos, and gave the camera a sultry look.

The romance didn't stop there, though. Ren also shared some sexy shots to her Instagram story, taking a dip in a bath full of rose petals and candles. She then joined up with a gal pal to apply their face-masks and dive into some yummy looking snacks as they settled in for a low key night.

Ren has been updating her fans recently with all of her exciting adventures, travel, and tantalizing fashion. Last week, Ren rocked an oversized men's button down, which she pulled down over one shoulder showing off some of her sun-kissed skin. She wore her dark hair splayed down her toned shoulders and arms, and playfully bit her lower lip as she shot a sexy glare at the camera.

She also showed off some of her athletic skills in a video where she revealed she can kick some serious behind. In the action-style video, Ren started out by stalking some unseen prey as she yielded a gun. Next, she started throwing punches, high kicks, and spin moves all while rocking a body-hugging red halter top and black leather pants.

Admirers of Ren's will be keeping an eye out for the next update from the sexy model and actress, watching to see what kind of excitement she will get herself into next.