February 14, 2019
Shannon Beador And New Beau Rick Stanley Waiting Until Their Divorces Are Final To Get Serious Per 'Radar'

While Shannon Beador and her hunky new boyfriend -- Comcast executive Rick Stanley -- may be going strong, they are pumping the brakes just a little at this time.

An insider tells Radar Online that the pair are really close friends who care very deeply about each other, but also that the timing just isn't ideal right now. The two are both going through divorces. The pair have been spotted out together on a number of occasions, with the first instance being back in October of last year. They were spotted dining together at Lisa Vanderpump's SUR lounge at that time.

They have also been spotted out and about together a few times in the interim, with the most recent outing coming at the beginning of this month. Shannon's friends are even urging the pair to make their relationship official, a source shares.

"Shannon's friends were trying to get her to go public with this because they just feel like the world should know how happy she is right now. But she is not in any rush and neither is he."
The insider reports that the Real Housewives of Orange County star "really wants to wait until both of their divorces are finalized before getting into anything serious with him." The source has also reported that Shannon and Rick are really into each other -- and care a lot about one another -- despite the fact that they are taking things slowly for the time being.
"They get along great and they have a really deep connection. They talk almost every day and are in constant communication."
Most recently, the Inquisitr shared that Shannon and her ex-husband, David Beador, are still going through a nasty divorce. Last week, the former couple appeared together in court -- and after a number of things did not go David's way, he stormed out of the building.
For starters, David requested that the judge not allow Shannon to drink alcohol eight hours before -- or at any time when -- her daughters were present. However, the request was shut down by Judge James L. Waltz, who said it was illegal to prohibit her from consuming alcohol.

The judge also asked the pair to come back to court in two months, when they could then discuss David's request to lessen his child support payments. That didn't stop Beador from getting angry that he was not able to settle things in court that day.

David told the judge that the money aspect of the divorce is "destroying" their children, and also pointed out that Shannon is raking in about $900,000 a year between her frozen food business and her role on the Real Housewives of Orange County.

He doesn't think that he should be shelling out $22, 500 a month to Shannon for child support, especially because they have joint custody of their three kids now. Once the judge said he needed more time to go over the financials, David became angry -- and eventually stormed out of court.

Hopefully in the coming months the couple can resolve things amicably.