New Video Shows R. Kelly Sexually Assaulting Underage Girl, According To Michael Avenatti

Attorney Michael Avenatti claims that he has turned over video images showing R. Kelly sexually assaulting a teenage girl. Avenatti revealed in a post on Twitter that his office had uncovered new tapes totaling 45 minutes of "clear" footage that identifies the embattled singer having sex with a 14-year-old girl.

Avenatti said that he has been investigating the situation since April, 2018, on behalf of several clients, and that he is representing one individual who worked for Kelly and knows the identity of the girl, whom he says Kelly interacted with repeatedly.

"Included in the evidence we recently uncovered and recovered is a VHS videotape of Mr. Kelly engaging in multiple sexual assaults of a girl underage," Avenatti said. "This tape, which is clear, is approximately 45 minutes in length and has never previously been publicly disclosed or, until recently, provided to law enforcement."

Avenatti stressed that this is new information, not images used during Kelly's previous charges.

"Importantly, this conclusive video evidence is not the same evidence previously seen and used in connection with the prior criminal matter in which Mr. Kelly was charged nor does it depict the same instances of sexual assault," he added.

CNN confirmed that they had seen the tapes, which were turned over to the Cook County State's Attorney's Office in Chicago. They report that the tape is "clear and explicit," and takes place in a living room and bedroom. The girl in the video refers to herself as 14-years-old and calls Kelly "daddy."

Footage in the video echoes the alleged acts in which Kelly was involved in 2002 and for which he faced charges in 2008. In that case, the alleged victim refused to testify in court and the video evidence was not clear, so Kelly was acquitted.

Tandra R. Simonton, chief communications officer for the Cook County State Attorney's Office, refused to confirm or deny the existence or content of the tapes. Neither Kelly, nor his lawyers have responded to the revelation, but Kelly has denied any wrongdoing in the past.

Chicago law enforcement has been actively looking for evidence of Kelly's alleged behavior after the recent explosive Surviving R. Kelly documentary, and Avenatti says that he believes this tape could be the smoking gun to convict Kelly. He also said that the alleged crimes on the tape are within the Illinois statute of limitations.

Avenatti shot to fame when he represented Stormy Daniels in her legal battle against President Donald Trump. The lawyer said that he will appear on CBS tonight to further discuss the case.