Rooster Teeth Brings Back 'Inside Gaming' And Other 'Machinima' Shows

Rooster Teeth has saved eight Machinima shows from the brink of nonexistence, including Inside Gaming, reports Variety. Machinima closed its doors last month, laying off virtually all of its staff and ceasing all media production. Last year, the company moved from Warner Bros. to Otter Media, which happens to be the home of Rooster Teeth.

Otter Media's CEO Tony Goncalves was a key figure in the transition of Machinima's content to Rooster Teeth. "The addition of highly sought after Machinima programming and its talented creator network enables us to deliver unparalleled access to this coveted content and audience for consumers, creators and advertisers," he stated.

Rooster Teeth has now taken the reins of Inside Gaming, one of Machinima's most popular shows. The program covers daily news in the video game industry. It eventually expanded over the years, adding daily news updates, reviews, interviews, and awards shows to its lineup.

Among those joining the rebooted Inside Gaming include editor-in-chief Lawrence Sonntag, Adam Kovic, Bruce Greene, and Alanah Pearce -- the latter being a member of the Youtube gaming channel "Funhaus." Beginning on Thursday, the show will provide daily news on a weekly basis, with "original reporting, analysis, and commentary." Weekend content will have longer-form investigative takes concerning current issues in gaming culture, cultural movements, franchise retrospectives, gaming character rankings, and reviews of new releases, according to Variety.

Rooster Teeth is also bringing back non-editorial show content from 2008 to 2015, including the Inside Gaming podcast and gameplay series' Steam Roulette, Inside Gaming Q&A, The Sims, and GTA.

Variety reports that Rooster Teeth will bring back additional Machinima titles and new content in the coming months, with a short list following.

  • Hedgehog for Hire: Sonic is washed up and out of work. He needs cash fast and will do anything to pay the rent. All 100 episodes and eight all-new episodes premiere on March 19.
  • All Your History Are Belong To Us: Docu-series that details the game development history of favorite games and developers, including Call of Duty, Halo, and Bungie, Blizzard, and Valve. All episodes start streaming March 22.
  • Assassin's Creed Musical: Musical numbers exploring the feeling and intentions behind the popular game.
  • Minecraft Horror Story: Loosely based on FX's American Horror Story, the show follows the story of a cursed house and its different owners and visitors over the course of a century.
  • Minecraft: The N00b Adventures: N00bly, Minecraft's newest player, explores and adventures through the game with his newfound pals Snake and Garfunkel.
  • Titanfall Dropout: In-game series about Dex and Gif, two engineers who have to repair and deploy Titans to the pilots they hate.
  • Boss Battles: Iconic video game and pop-culture bosses engage in a no-holds-barred battle to the end.