Potential Assault Weapons Ban Would Leave More Than 2,200 Types Untouched

The proposed assault weapons ban rattling around in Congress these days falls far short of taking away all guns. The newest draft of potential legislation appears to leave as many as 2,200 different kinds of guns safeguarded. While pistols and shotguns might be included on the list of those banned, several other weapons are left untouched.

The Christian Science Monitor reports that one of the weapons that is still on the list is nearly identical to the kind that was used in the bloodiest shootout in FBI history. The ban seems to be a confusing and long winded list of very specific guns that would be included in the ban, while their twins are left off.

One example is the Ruger .223 caliber Mini-14. This particular gun is slated for illegality in the assault weapons ban, while another model of the gun is exempt. The model that did not make the list is not adjustable the way the one that is banned is, but both shoot at the same speed and can kill just as many.

This particular weapon was used in a 1986 shootout between criminals and the FBI in Miami. When the smoke had cleared, five FBI agents were dead, and two more were wounded. Both Ruger assault rifles have detachable magazines and can hold dozens of bullets.

The author of the legislation, Dianne Feinstein, says that the bill was crafted with specific exemptions and bannings to make it clear that hunting and sporting weapons. While there are some critics to the bill, including the entire gun manufacturing industry, the legislation also has some powerful proponents.

Two members of “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” recently told AnnArbor.com that they believe that an assault weapons ban will make Americans safer. Paul Schreiber is the mayor of Ypsilanti, Michigan, and John Hieftje is the mayor of Ann Arbor.

The proposed assault weapons ban would make it harder to get certain guns, and both men feel that is a positive.