Tamar Braxton Says What's Next For Her And Tom Green After 'Celebrity Big Brother' Blowout

Celebrity Big Brother came to a close Wednesday night with Tamar Braxton coming out on top as the season's big winner. After a vote of 9-0, Tamar took home the $250,000 prize over former NFL player Ricky Williams, and now the singer is reflecting on her time in the house and the relationships she formed.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly after her victory, Tamar let viewers and fans know what was next for her, Tom Green, and Kato Kaelin as far as their relationships go. The publication inquired about the singer's bold personality and asked if she thought it was going to be an issue going into the house.

"You know, I was concerned. And I was concerned because it seems like I got into it with people right before they left the house. [Laughs] So, for me, I was really nervous. But, then again, I really had some good moments with everyone in the house. After Kato made his statement, I went up to Kato and we had a heart to heart. And right before Tom left, I told him that I really wanted to hit the reset button and go out to dinner. As a matter of fact, we have a date coming up. And, yeah. I felt like I made a good connection with Ryan and Jonathan as well."
Tamar had a notorious blowout with Tom prior to the Road Trip actor's eviction last week over a gameplay move she was not happy with. Kandi Burruss let her friend in on a move Tom was planning on doing which didn't sit well with Tamar. In order to get the houseguests to evict Tom's number one target, Ricky, he was going to use his Power of Veto to remove Natalie Eva Marie and replace her with Tamar. Tom believed no one would choose to evict Tamar, forcing them to vote out Ricky.

A very loud argument ensued between Tamar and Tom, and when the latter was eventually evicted, the former did an over-the-top dance as he walked out of the door.

Tamar also got into a verbal argument with Tom's ride-or-die alliance member Kato after he made a comment about her looking like television psychic Miss Cleo. Kato had also mentioned Tamar's son as a reason to send her home earlier in the game, which didn't sit well with the singer. While in the house, the Braxton Family Values star swore never to speak to Kato outside of the house again, but it seems she has now had a change of heart regarding both men.

Big Brother Season 21 will return this June with Julie Chen hosting.