February 17, 2019
Paris Hilton Leaves Guests Aghast As She Stomps On Her Own Birthday Cake

Paris Hilton got too carried away with table dancing and stepped on her own gigantic birthday cake by accident.

The star is turning 38 this Saturday. No stranger to the world of partying, she began celebrating the big event yesterday -- with a pompous gathering at an unknown location in Manhattan, New York. At one point in the night, as the event was about to get heated, Hilton decided to hop on the table to showcase some of her finest dance moves. Temporarily forgetting about the candle-covered birthday cake laying right in front of her, she accidentally stomped right on the bright pink, heart-shaped piece of confectionery. There's hardly a sight as devastating as that of a silver stiletto spiking through a handful of magenta fondant, but that is precisely what onlookers had to watch.

The unfortunate incident was first shared on Instagram by one of the close witnesses, Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece and Denmark. It was she who publicized the event, sharing an Instagram Story that captured how Hilton made unmatched attempts to cover up the slight faux-pas with some seductive booty shaking. As the video reveals, Hilton put her right foot right in the middle of the cake, causing the whole thing to fall apart into one large heaping of delicious crumbles. After this, she made some swift adjustments that would make stockbrokers green with envy -- and promptly resumed where she had left off, performing some sexy squats, hip-swinging, and flirtatious hair-tousling. At one point in the dance, she even tried to pick up some of the crumbled pieces of the cake as if to try and dance with it, but she chose not to go ahead with the move -- and dropped it instead.

Paris Hilton wears black dress and sunglasses
Getty Images | Nicholas Hunt

Hilton looked stunning with -- or without -- the pieces of cake stuck onto her right heel. Wearing a skin-tight dress made of enormous silver sequins, the star was practically dazzling. The deep, plunging neckline and the side cutouts showcased her beautifully-toned torso, whilst the dangerously short miniskirt put her enviably long legs on full display. The disco-inspired outfit also came with a platinum blonde wig and a pair of round-framed sunglasses, which further emphasized her diva status.

As a report by the Daily Mail hypothesizes, the whole proceeding was so subtle that it's uncertain whether Hilton would have stomped on her cake on purpose or by accident. Either way, the celebrity needed no stunts to further elevate the pre-birthday birthday bash. With the actual celebration due to take place on Thursday night, this gathering merely served as a taster of what's likely to come. The anti-Valentine's Day-themed birthday party is set to take place at the LAVO Italian Restaurant and Nightclub in Manhattan, and seeing that Hilton had already stomped on her own cake, the wildest night is the least one can expect.