March 10, 2019
'Maxim' Model Emily Sears Puts Ample Cleavage On Full Display In Body-Hugging Lingerie

Maxim model Emily Sears is a pro at showing off her gorgeous, curvaceous body on her social media platforms -- wowing her fans with the sultry snaps they have come to know and love. A Valentine's Day-inspired photo posted by the glamour model to Instagram on Thursday was no different, and left very little to the imagination.

For the shot, Sears put her ample cleavage on full display by rocking a skin-tight lingerie set from model-favorite clothing company Fashion Nova. The black lace number covered the model's most delicate assets, and hugged her curvy body in all of the right places. Featuring a unique design, the sexy garb had short, capped sleeves -- and cut up to expose her voluptuous hips.

Sears' buxom chest was the focal point of the photo, and she further emphasized her chest by pulling her shoulders back as she playfully ran her hand through her flowing hair. She crossed her legs, and appeared as though she was waltzing through a doorway. Her toned thighs were visible as she strutted across the floor.

She wore her honey-colored locks in huge, bouncing curls that she swept to one side of her body. Her tawny tresses spilled over her shoulder elegantly. She wore a smoky shadow that made her eyes pop, and used contouring to highlight her flawless features. She opted to leave accessories out of the photoshoot, as to not take away from the stunning attire. Instead, she carried a simple, old-fashioned camera while she wished her 4.7 million followers a "picture perfect" Valentine's Day.

Sears keeps her fans updated on all aspects of her life, including travel, fashion, and more recently -- her health. Yesterday, the model revealed that she was in the hospital, recovering from a uterine myomectomy procedure to remove a benign fibroid that was troubling her. She mused that though the snap was not her most glamorous photo, she aimed to keep things real with her followers -- and warned them not to let social media fool them into thinking that starlets such as herself have perfect lives.

As she recovered in the Los Angeles hospital, Sears took some time to listen to a podcast by 1st Phorm CEO Andy Frisella. She revealed that the podcast covers everything wellness related, including spiritual, physical, and mental health. Sears said that it has been a game changer for her, since she started listening.

"I'm really looking forward to getting back to feeling myself and stronger than ever once I'm fully healed from this and put it behind me, and I appreciate all the well wishes," she shared.