Kristoff St. John's Ex-Wife Revealed 'The Young And The Restless' Star's Final Words To Her

On Super Bowl Sunday, The Young and the Restless star Kristoff St. John died in his home of unknown causes. By many accounts, he passed away due to a broken heart over the 2014 death of his son Julian St. John, who was 24 when he died.

The actor's ex-wife and Julian's mother -- boxer Mia St. John -- recently spoke out about her ex-husband's tragic death, according to a CNN report. Mia revealed that before his death, Kristoff called her. She said that during their conversation, he was depressed and had been drinking. During the call, Mia said that Kristoff told her he did not want to be here anymore, and he said that he could see Julian.

"He said, 'Julian is at the door I gotta get the door,'" she said. "[He] said, 'OK, let's talk to Julian, bring Julian in.' Julian came in and he said, 'Julian is gonna take me for a walk now,' and I said, 'No you aren't going for a walk right now.'"
The Inquisitr reported that a long-time friend who had gone to Kristoff's house to watch the big game found the actor, but it was too late. Authorities pronounced Kristoff dead at the scene.

Before his death, Mia said that Kristoff sent her a text. "He said, 'Understand, you've got to live in the present observe all the good things in your life and others around you. Julian would not want you to live your life with bitterness and upset, it eats away with you and drains your life slowly but surely. You must rise to the occasion and accept the beauty around you. I believe in you.'"

The boxer said that she finds comfort in the fact that Kristoff said he saw Julian before he died. She believes that their son took him home, and the thought is her only solace in the face of her grief.

Kristoff originated the role of Neil Winters in 1991, and during his career, he won two Daytime Emmy awards for his performances. CBS and Y&R had a small tribute to the late actor following last Friday's episode, and his final scenes aired on Wednesday, February 6. The network announced last week that it has plans for a storyline that honors Kristoff's legacy on the show -- as well as that of his character, Neil Winters. That storyline will reportedly start in late April.

The actor left behind his daughters -- Paris and Lola -- as well as his fiancee, Kseniya Mikhaleva.