Kristoff St. John's Ex-Wife's Bombshell Claim About Her Last Conversation With 'Y&R' Star Before His Death

The ex-wife of late actor Kristoff St. John, Mia St. John, has made a bombshell claim about the last time she spoke to her former husband just hours before his sudden death on February 3. Mia St. John said that her late husband told her he saw their deceased son Julian during a phone call the two had the day of his passing.

Entertainment Tonight reported that Mia St. John claims Kristoff called her at 11 a.m. in the morning and thanked her for answering the phone. She claimed he was "so depressed" and that he was "drinking and saying he didn't want to be here anymore."

It was then that Mia St. John claimed that she felt her former husband was "disoriented" and claimed he told her he saw the couple's late son Julian at his door. Julian St. John died in 2015 by suicide at a facility where he was being treated for mental illness.

"'Julian's at the door,'" Mia claimed Kristoff St. John said. "[He] said, 'Julian is gonna take me for a walk now' and I said, 'No you aren't going for a walk right now,'" Mia told ET. Mia St. John did not reveal to Entertainment Tonight the remainder of her phone conversation with her late husband.

Mia St. John stated to ET that Kristoff St. John texted her a bit later and these were his final words to her.

"He said, 'Understand, you've got to live in the present. Observe all the good things in your life and others around you. Julian would not want you to live your life with bitterness and upset.'"

Mia St. John and Kristoff St. John wed in 1991 and were married for four years.

People Magazine reported that Kristoff St. John was buried next to his beloved son. TMZ noted that the actor would be laid to rest at Valley Oaks Memorial Park in Westlake Village, California.Before he found fame on Y&R, the actor was cast as young, well-to-do playboy Adam Marshall on the NBC soap Generations. Generations featured a wealthy, black family among its central characters. Kristoff St. John joined Y&R in 1991 as the character of Neil, a young and upwardly mobile young man looking to climb the corporate ladder as an executive trainee at Jabot Cosmetics.
The actor won two Daytime Emmy Awards for his portrayal of Neil Winters on the CBS daytime serial The Young & The Restless.

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