Charlie Sheen Chats About Directing A Music Video

Most of us cannot picture Charlie Sheen directing a country music video, nor can we comprehend why the famously well-paid actor would express interest in that particular occupation. However, Sheen continues to surprise us. The actor recently earned a new job title by directing Tim Montana’s music video for the country star’s song “Mostly Stoned.”

It might seem ironic that Sheen, an admitted longtime user of illegal drugs, snatched up the chance to direct a video for a song with a title reminiscent of his antics. However, Montana wrote the piece without Sheen’s history in mind and instead composed the music to hint at a far deeper theme. The country star found his muse back in his home state, Montana, during the holidays. While visiting, Montana saw an old friend whose mother passed during the previous holiday season. When Montana asked his friend how he felt, his friend’s reply provided him with his song’s message and title, “Mostly Stoned.”

“I took it from that perspective versus being a song about smoking pot,” Montana explained, as quoted by the Tennessean. “It’s not really about that. It’s about this guy who is sad, there’s a little heartache in there. It’s about breaking free from the rat race.”

Sheen immediately loved the lyrics and realized that Montana’s work rang with masterpiece potential. Although Sheen admitted he is not a huge fan of country music, he appreciated the strength and talent apparent in both Montana and “Mostly Stoned.” Sheen felt honored to contribute his film industry skills to the music video.

“It was never a question of, ‘Can I do it?'” Sheen said, according to the Tennessean. “It was a question of, ‘What can I bring to it to make it unique, make it original and keep myself out of the way and really put the song at the forefront of what we’re presenting visually?'”

According to Extra, Sheen and Montana connected with each other via a shared friend, Navy Seal Rob O’Neill. O’Neill, like both Sheen and Montana, is also famous, but his name is not well-known because of music or film. Instead, O’Neill achieved notoriety after claiming he fired the initial bullet that ended Osama Bin Laden’s life.

Montana and O’Neill developed a friendship because both are from Montana’s hometown of Beat, Montana, according to the Tennessean. O’Neill assisted Montana when Montana filmed his video for “Hillbilly Rich.” O’Neill’s suggestions earned Montana’s respect, and Montana continued to seek out O’Neill’s advice.

While O’Neill had a longstanding friendship with Montana, O’Neill also knew Charlie Sheen. O’Neill, when first considering a life as a Navy Seal, found inspiration in Sheen’s film Navy Seals. According to Extra, O’Neill was curious about Sheen’s perspective on the movie and reached out to the actor. O’Neill encouraged Montana to involve Sheen in Montana’s music video, and Montana agreed. O’Neill then sent Sheen the “Hillbilly Rich” video for feedback.

Sheen’s interest in directing music videos found motivation from O’Neill, who also shared Montana’s “Mostly Stoned” song with Sheen. After that, Sheen and Montana started discussing Montana’s next production over the phone. Montana then asked Sheen to direct his video for “Mostly Stoned.” Montana was thrilled when Sheen agreed to the project.

Sheen appreciated his time directing Montana’s video more than he anticipated. Not only did Sheen enjoy participating in an art form that was outside of his norm, but he also felt enthralled by Montana’s song. Sheen’s fascination with “Mostly Stoned” motivated his directing talent because of both the song’s theme and the actor’s ability to derive pride from a job title he never expected.