Natalie Maines' Estranged Husband Fights For 60k A Month In Divorce Court

Musician Natalie Maines split from her husband, Adrian Pasdar, back in 2017 after filing for divorce, ending her 17-year marriage over irreconcilable differences. The couple currently share custody of their children, and the two are still attempting to finalize their divorce. Pasdar is asking for an astounding amount of child and spousal support money, totaling $60,000 per month.

Pasdar's requests, according to The Blast, break down to $16,427 in child support each month for the two children the former couple share, Jackson and Beckett. On top of that, he asked for a further $44,076 monthly in spousal support. The total bill adds up to $60,503 every 30 days for Maines.

However, Pasdar's requests for finances from Maines do not end with only the support requests. According to Us Weekly, Pasdar also wants Maines to contribute $350,000 to cover paying his divorce lawyer. Pasdar believes his ex-wife's total fortune totals up to about $50 million, and claims she makes about $2 million each year. On the other hand, Pasdar's yearly income totals up to about $150,000 because, as he states, he was the primary caregiver for their two sons, leaving him little time to work as an actor.

Pasdar further reports that paying for his attorney left him in about $200,000 worth of debt. The amount accumulated because Maines previously paid for most of the couple's bills as the breadwinner of the household. Pasdar, according to Us Weekly, has already turned down one settlement offer from Maines.

While Pasdar intends to fight for what he believes he deserves in divorce court, he may not be able to win the battle. When the pair tied the knot back in 2000, the two signed a prenup that could prevent his court requests from becoming a reality.

Although the divorcing pair continue to be at odds with each other, Maines has turned much of her attention towards her two children. On her social media pages, the Dixie Chicks singer actively posts moments with her children to show to her fans. In one of her recent posts, Maines shared her older son's musical skills with pride.

"I remember being beside myself a couple of years ago when @jack_slade__ did this. He was appeasing me by helping me figure out these chords and he ended up doing this the second time he heard it," Maines said, according to Us Weekly. "The song would have been lucky to have this. So good. That look he gives at the end, when it came so easy and he thought his Mom was being crazy. That's my favorite."