iCarly Star, Christina Ricci To Team Up In New Sitcom ‘Girlfriend In A Coma’

iCarly Star, Miranda Cosgrove wasn’t out of work for very long. Cosgrove, played the lead character in iCarly which ran for five seasons on Nickelodeon and had its series wrap last November. Now Cosgrove has landed what appears to be a leading role in a new sitcom that will air on basic cable.

Deadline.com reports that Cosgrove will team up with Christina Ricci in the pilot for the show, “Girlfriend in a Coma.” Ricci will play a woman who has been in a two decade long coma and awakes to find out she has a 17 year old daughter. Cosgrove will be playing the daughter, Evie.

Cosgrove’s character is said to be a no-nonsense girl who works hard at her grades in order to get the opportunity to go to an out of state college. Evie’s world will be turned upside down when her mother awakes from her coma. The iCarly star seems to have a life somewhat like that of her character. The teen star recently told People Magazine that she was “excited” to start her college career.

For Ricci, ‘Girlfriend’ will be her first starring role in a television sitcom should the show get picked up. Ricci has forged a career that has mostly been centered on the big screen and is lending her voice acting talents to the character “Vexie” in the upcoming “Smurfs 2.”

Ricci is most known for her role as a child star in the “Adams Family” movies and set tongues wagging for her starring spot in “Black Snake Moan.”

At the moment, “Girlfriend in a Coma” is simply a pilot, but the show will be considered for a full season order. If it is picked up, NBC will likely add it to its fall lineup starting in September of 2013.

Do you think the iCarly star can make the jump from Nickelodeon to regular television? Can this particular pairing work for a show like this?