'Southern Charm' Star Kathryn Dennis Thinks Thomas Ravenel Should Want Custody Case Sealed Too

As the custody battle between Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis and her ex, former politician Thomas Ravenel, gets ready to go another round, Dennis is asking the court to seal the court records in order to protect her children, Kensie and Saint Ravenel, from the information that might go public as a result of the depositions in their case.

The Blast reports that even though mom-of-two, Kathryn Dennis realizes that she and her ex Thomas Ravenel are public people, she believes it's in the best interest of their children that the details of their custody battle stay private. Kathryn believes that a lot of the information concerning his current criminal case could come out in the custody depositions, and she hopes that Ravenel would agree that it's best if the children never have to read about that.

Dennis says that if the lead up to the custody case is any indication, then things will get uglier as the court date draws near, with Ravenel leaking additional documents to media sources, including video shot by the private investigators which have been trailing her since they dated.

Kathryn believes it's best to work out their custody arrangements in court and not in the press.

Kathryn says that their children's former caretaker, Nanny Dawn, gave many hours of deposition about Ravenel's failings as a parent, and she can't imagine that he wants that made public.
"[Does Thomas] really want the entire 4 hours deposition transcript of the parties former Nanny with numerous detailed negative statements about the Defendant's conduct and character to be part of the public record?"
The Inquisitr shared several documents including a 14-page filing by Dennis which includes a deposition from a forensic psychologist which raised concerns about Thomas Ravenel's mental health and substance abuse. Dr. L. Randolph Waid conducted tests on both parties and has called Kathryn Dennis a "fit and proper primary parent."

But in the same document, Dr. Waid raised concerns about Ravenel's admission that he has impulsivity problems and his daughter Kensie's worries about his temper. Kathryn also stresses about Thomas' self-control issues, namely his "extreme narcissism and anger management problems."

Dennis filed for full or at least primary custody after Ravenel was arrested on charges that he sexually assaulted the children's former nanny and the judge decided to hold him over for trial. He is currently on bail and not allowed to leave the country.

In response, Ravenel has lashed out and is trying to regain primary custody instead of their current arrangement which is shared parenting.

"He is demanding the judge grant him primary custody and order Dennis to pay him child support."