Ratings For Reality Series, ‘Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club,’ Plummet

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Mean Girls star Lindsay Lohan is trying her best to turn her life around after years of drug and alcohol abuse that took a toll on her health and career. After multiple DUI’s, stints in rehab and jail time, the actress was nearly unemployable for years. With a dark shadow cast upon her reputation, her career in Hollywood would never be the same as it was in her Parent Trap days. Lohan has recently turned away from partying in clubs and has shifted to owning them, according to Page Six.

The actress ditched the United States and her destructive past and took up new residences in Dubai and London. Her attempt to escape the public eye and get a fresh start worked and she went under the radar for months. During that time, she was busy building what she hopes will one day become her own empire. She created her own luxury nightclub in Mykonos, Greece called the Lohan Beach House. She also launched her own reality television series on MTV entitled Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club. The show follows Lohan’s journey as an entrepreneur as she attempts to run her first major business.

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In the show, Lohan comes off as a no-nonsense boss who expects perfection from her employees. She hires eight American Ambassadors that she brings to Mykonos to manage the nightclub. Like all reality television shows, the series is filled with drama and a lot of fighting. The idea of seeing Lohan attempt to handle life as an entrepreneur was enough to bring in a decent amount of viewers when the show first launched last month. However, fewer and fewer people have been keeping up with the series. Last week, only 427,000 viewers tuned in, and the show has lost 60 percent of the audience it had when it began.

Because of the stark drop in numbers, MTV replaced the show’s Tuesday at 8:00 p.m. time slot and replaced it with Teen Mom 2. Lohan’s series now airs at 10:00 p.m. on Mondays. Marc Berman, of Programming Insider, says that he believes audience members have gotten their fill of the show.

“Lindsay Lohan was at one time a very big name, a tabloid sensation. Everybody was after her. People were curious. They wanted to know what had happened to her. They sampled the show. It wasn’t very good. They didn’t come back.”

Despite the disappointing viewer turnout, Lohan is still as determined as ever to make this new path in life work for her and has been promoting the series on social media.