Same Guest Banned From Walt Disney World Banned From Disneyland After Flying Donald Trump Banner

Danny Cox

Last year, a guest managed to get himself banned from the parks at Walt Disney World on two separate occasions for flying a “Trump 2020” banner. After getting a ban the first time, he managed to get in a second time and did it again which brought about a lifetime ban. Now, Don Cini is continuing to spread his message for Donald Trump’s presidential re-election campaign, but it has earned him a ban from Disneyland as well.

News began spreading on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook in quick fashion early on Wednesday evening, and it all had to do with the banner being displayed for all to see. The banner was hung on the side of the Mark Twain Riverboat which slowly takes guests along the Rivers of America in Disneyland Park.

Don Cini is an admitted Donald Trump supporter and often heads to very public places to get his message across. He is usually carrying one of his very large “Trump 2020” banners which ends up being displayed in the most noticeable spots, and he realizes just how many people are at the Disney Parks.

Around 6 p.m. ET on Wednesday, Don Cini went live on his personal Facebook page in his usual “Make America Great Again” hat. The video shows him on the Riverboat and unfurling the banner for all in the area to see.

After that video was stopped and he was told to take down the banner, Cini started another live video on his Facebook page to explain what was happening. While waiting for the ride on the riverboat to end, he let his viewers know that security was going to be waiting for him and ready to eject him from the park.

Cini also stated that there were many cameras in the area to catch him unrolling the banner. The video also shows Don Cini and someone who helped him hold the banner as they were being removed from Disneyland Park by cast members and security guards.

Other guests did get pictures of it from a distance to show how it looked from off of the ship. The cast member did also advise Cini that Anaheim Police Department would be called to help with the situation that was going on in the park.

The second video ends with Cini being escorted out of Disneyland, and he did post a picture stating that he was “Banned from Disneyland.”

Some people may remember that there were a few situations at Walt Disney World last year where Donald Trump banners were flown for everyone to see. One was held up by Cini on Splash Mountain while another, as reported by the Inquisitr, was rolled out on the train station on Main Station U.S.A. in Magic Kingdom.

Cini also states that the Splash Mountain situation earned him a second lifetime ban from WDW. Before that, though, he did also go to Epcot to hold up an “Ivanka Trump 2024” banner.

As for Don Cini, he has now successfully earned bans from both Disneyland in California and Walt Disney World in Florida.