February 13, 2019
'The Bachelor' Spoilers: Colton's Confused & Falling For Multiple Women As The Ladies Get Fiercely Competitive

A new sneak peek for Episode 7 of The Bachelor reveals spoilers that will surely get viewers buzzing. Things are getting intense as the remaining ladies angle for roses and time with Colton Underwood, and it looks like he will be feeling rather overwhelmed as he navigates his way through these next dates.

As the Inquisitr has detailed, Colton and his remaining seven ladies will get to see Underwood in surroundings that are familiar to him as they all head to his hometown of Denver, Colorado. Now a new preview clip shared by Us Weekly reveals that everybody will be feeling emotional and anxious throughout the February 18 show.

Seven women will join Colton in Denver for the next round of dates, but only four will get roses. In addition, these are essential roses to receive, as the ladies Colton keeps will get hometown dates. From the looks of things, everybody is feeling pressure as a result.

The preview opens with a massive Bachelor spoiler as Colton is seen telling host Chris Harrison that at this point, he feels that he's falling in love with multiple ladies. As viewers have seen in past seasons, that kind of feeling can lead to a lot of angst, and it looks as if Underwood will be struggling with this a great deal.

Ben Higgins and Arie Luyendyk Jr. struggled with a similar challenge during their respective seasons and fans will be anxious to see how Colton handles this. ABC teases that former Bachelor Ben will actually pop up in this episode, as he lives in Denver too, so perhaps Underwood can discuss this specific challenge with Higgins and gain some advice.

The women will also be pulling out all the stops to try to ensure they are getting a rose over their fellow bachelorettes. Colton has already been cautioned that some of the ladies may not be ready for a proposal and Bachelor spoilers hint that this will weigh heavily on Underwood's mind.

Tayshia Adams will tell Colton that she doesn't believe either Caelynn Miller-Keyes or Cassie Randolph are ready for an engagement, and Adams will later lash out at one of the other ladies. Caelynn will get emotional with Colton at one point and seemingly question someone else's suitability for Underwood, and Cassie will be getting into it with one of the women remaining as well.

Who does Colton think he's falling in love with at this point? The Bachelor spoilers hint that things will be wild in the weeks that remain this season and fans won't want to miss any of the chaos ahead.