Does Elsa Have A Girlfriend In ‘Frozen 2’? Fans Think Disney Dropped A Big Hint About Elsa’s Love Life

Disney dropped the surprise trailer for Frozen 2 on Wednesday, and sharp-eyed fans think they discovered something hidden in the trailer — Elsa’s girlfriend.

There has been fan speculation about the main character’s sexual orientation since the release of the 2013 movie, with many LGBT advocates thinking that Elsa is Disney’s quiet nod to the community with her unspoken sexuality. Many fans were on the lookout for more clarification in the second movie, and think that they may have gotten it in the new trailer.

In the trailer, fans saw a new character that appeared to be a young girl walking through the forest. It is not yet clear exactly who that will be in Frozen 2 — some fans think that she and a boy seen in the trailer may be Anna and Kristoff’s children — but a popular theory claimed that it might actually be Elsa’s girlfriend. As Bustle noted, c0-director Jennifer Lee had already revealed that filmmakers were aware of the campaign after the first movie to make Elsa’s character a lesbian and hinted at addressing it in Frozen 2.

“Where we’re going with it, we have tons of conversations about it, and we’re really conscientious about these things,” Lee said in an interview last year (via the Huffington Post). “For me… Elsa’s every day telling me where she needs to go, and she’ll continue to tell us. I always write from character-out, and where Elsa is and what Elsa’s doing in her life, she’s telling me every day. We’ll see where we go.”

While it is still entirely unclear if Elsa will have a girlfriend in Frozen 2 — or just what exactly is going on with her apparent superpowers and attempts to escape from a snow-covered shore — fans are already taking to the internet to share their thoughts about a lesbian Disney character. Many hoped that the new character revealed would be Elsa’s girlfriend, building anticipation for what would be a groundbreaking moment in Disney’s history.


But others thought that the character looked far, far too young to be in a relationship with Elsa (which along with her auburn hair would give more credence to the theory that she is Anna’s daughter).

Disney may have given other hints at opening up new avenues for LGBT characters. The year after Frozen‘s debut, the Disney Channel introduced a lesbian character on an episode of the show Good Luck Charlie, a first for the network.

Those who want to see if Elsa actually has a girlfriend in Frozen 2 will likely have to wait until it is released to find out for sure. The movie is set to be released on November 22.