Instagram Bombshell Courtney Tailor Busts Out Of Skimpy Schoolgirl Outfit Along With Sexy Gal Pals

Tibrina HobsonGetty Images

Instagram starlet Courtney Tailor is a pro at wowing her fans with sexy shots and unique outfits that show off the model’s curvy physique flawlessly. In a snap posted by the internet sensation on Wednesday, her followers were delighted to a sexy photo that featured not only Tailor but also her gal pals Dane Halo and Aissa Lynn.

The trio sat perched on high barstools for the shot, and all three rocked sexy, skimpy, schoolgirl outfits. They each wore varying shades of green tartan skirts that barely covered their most delicate assets. To add to the sizzle of the snap, the girls topped the look off with skintight, white button-down shirts which all three busted out of.

Tailor — who sat in the middle of the gorgeous gaggle for the pic — wore her long, honey-colored hair in loose and bouncy curls for the shot. Her ample cleavage was on full display, and she playfully tugged at a tie around her neck. Her black, lacy bra was visible under her barely-buttoned top, and the shortness of the skirt showed off her curvy thighs and voluptuous backside.

Tailor, who competes professionally as a bikini model, wore high-heeled sandals with sexy straps. Halo opted to go sans tie and paired her look with sultry thigh high boots. She wore her ginger-colored locks in waves that spilled down her back and shoulders and gave the camera a mega-watt smile.

Lynn, who is an up-and-coming social media star herself, wore black pumps and her dark hair in a dramatic part with bouncy ringlets. Also rocking a necktie, her rock hard abs were front and center for the snap, and she gave the camera a sexy nod.

The trio revealed they were at the Chive headquarters but did not share what, exactly, they were doing while hanging out in their gorgeous, revealing outfits. However, they did present their fans with the age-old question — who has more fun, redheads, blondes, or brunettes?


Tailor has been busy as of late, keeping her 1.4 million followers up to date on her exciting life with tempting shots of herself. Recently, the glamour model showed off her buxom chest in a selfie-style snapshot, wearing nothing but a black bra and crimson-colored, silk robe. She gave the camera a flirty kiss, and her plump pout was lined with a rosy-colored gloss.

For that shot, Tailor wore her golden hair in large, barrel-rolled waves, and dusted on some gold shadow that made her eyes stand out. The starlet used contouring to highlight her flawless features and a dusting of bronzer to top the look off.

As always, fans of the social media personality will be keeping a watchful eye on Tailor’s account, as well as those of her stunning friends, to see what the vixen will be up to next.