Susan Lucci Jokes About Embarrassing Fall On Catwalk During New York Fashion Show

Michael LoccisanoGetty Images for AHA

On Thursday, February 7, actress Susan Lucci took a tumble while walking the runway for the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women Red Dress Collection fashion show in New York City. Ever the graceful and eloquent woman, she is now discussing the fall and what she learned from the embarrassing moment.

The 72-year-old All My Children legend was honored to be a part of the annual event, which shines a light on heart disease in women by having various celebrities strut down the catwalk in gorgeous crimson frocks.

Lucci looked outstanding in a strapless and voluminous floor-length cherry red dress with ruffled layers designed by Rubin Singer. As she confidently sashayed down the runway and then twirled, she took a spill and wound up on the floor on her behind.

After the audience gasped in horror, the petite beauty managed to shake it off and got right back up to finish her walk, which ended with a blown kiss and a wave to the crowd, E! News reported.

Nearly a week later, Lucci talked to People magazine about the public blunder.

“I was asked to twirl, and the dress lent itself to twirling, but unfortunately, I twirled myself right off my feet in excitement,” joked the Devious Maids alum.

Even though she said that she felt “ridiculous” after falling, Lucci knew that she was in front of an audience and had to complete what she had started.

The actress also revealed that the faux pas even taught her a valuable lesson for the next time she walks the runway.

“I’ve learned that when you twirl, you still have to walk backwards to be careful not to catch your heel on the back of your hem as you’re walking the other way,” she explained.

Walking in this year’s Go Red for Women Red Dress Collection fashion show for the American Heart Association was very important for Lucci who had to undergo emergency heart surgery last October.


While out shopping near her home in Long Island, New York, she felt a tightness in her chest (for the third time in about 10 days) that felt like an elephant was pressing on it and which radiated around her rib cage, she told the American Heart Association.

One of the store’s clerks took her to the hospital where she found out that there were blockages clogging nearly 90 percent of her main artery that supplies blood to the heart and 75 percent blockage of another artery. She required an emergency procedure in which stents were placed into the damaged arteries to fix the problem. If she hadn’t had the surgery, she could have had a heart attack.

Lucci has been in excellent shape her whole life and had only been hospitalized twice — to give birth to her two now-adult children, Liza and Andreas Huber. So, at first, she didn’t think that she needed to see a medical professional. But now that she has had this experience, she wants to make sure other people, especially women, know the warning signs of a heart attack and understand that these symptoms must be taken seriously.

“Nobody has to die of a heart attack. You just have to listen to your symptoms and act on them,” she said.

“I would like women to pay attention to the symptoms that they’re feeling — to be in touch with their bodies and to act on those symptoms. If you think something needs medical attention, pay attention and go to the doctor.”