JoJo Fletcher Shows Off Incredible Bikini Body While Vacationing In Tulum, Mexico

Former Bachelorette star JoJo Fletcher is taking a little time out of her busy schedule to relax on the beach with fiance Jordan Rodgers.

The pair were recently spotted vacationing in tourist hot spot Tulum, Mexico, this week and they certainly dressed the part of vacationers. Photos published by the Daily Mail show the famous couple hitting the beach in a bikini and swim shorts, and they appear to have had a blast together.

JoJo can be seen showing off her incredible body in a high-waisted and multi-colored swimsuit. The suit is made up of yellow, pink, and orange, and it leaves very little to the imagination as it shows off the 30-year-old's toned and tanned body perfectly.

Fletcher appears to be wearing a little bit of makeup on the beachside getaway and wore her hair up in a high ponytail to complete her look. JoJo's fiance, Jordan Rodgers, looks equally as fit as his counterpart in a pair of black swim trunks that show off his amazing six-pack.

Joelle has shared a few photos and videos of the couple's trip to Mexico on her Instagram stories as well as a photo of herself and Rodgers at the ice cream bar in Tulum. And Jordan also took to his Instagram account to share a similar photo of himself and JoJo looking at the menu at the ice cream bar.

Fletcher and Rodgers have been together for nearly three years now and fans have been wondering when the two will finally make things official and walk down the aisle. Luckily, the Inquisitr recently shared that the reality stars are talking about their wedding plans in an upcoming episode of the online Kin series Engaged with JoJo and Jordan.

The couple has reportedly decided that this year will be the year that they actually choose a wedding date and both are hoping to have a spring wedding though it doesn't look like it will be this spring. But even though they are set to pick a wedding date, they are not going to reveal it to fans just yet, and for a good reason.

Jordan's brother, Luke Rodgers, got engaged last summer and he and his fiancee will tie the knot this coming April. JoJo and Jordan want to respect Luke and his fiancee and not steal their thunder so they're reportedly waiting until after that wedding to share their special date with fans.

As far as plans go, the couple would like to have a small wedding party and a late afternoon ceremony along with an evening reception. The pair also reportedly has plans for a "mini Chipotle bar."

Sounds like this wedding will be one for the books!