‘Extra’ Host AJ Calloway Now Facing Sexual Assault Allegations From Six Women

Jemal CountessGetty Image

Extra host AJ Calloway is at the center of heightened controversy, and it’s starting to look as if the walls are caving in. According to B. Scott, AJ — who rose to fame as the host of BET’s 106 & Park — is the latest male celebrity facing sexual assault allegations.

It has been reported that a total of six women have now come forward with mounting sexual assault claims against AJ Calloway. Since the first allegations were made public back in June, an additional five women have come forward with details about their previous encounters with Calloway.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the latest allegations date back to as early as 2003. Two women — only identified as Sil Lai Abrams and Jeannie Delgado — have reported Calloway in New York and New Jersey. A third woman who wishes to conceal her identity has also reported Calloway in California. Delgado, who works as a professional in the aviation industry, previously revealed she met Calloway on a flight. After becoming friends, Calloway invited Delgado to a Christmas party at his home back in 2008.

Later that night, inclement weather made it difficult for her to head home, so Calloway offered her a room in his home for the night. However, Delgado didn’t know the room he was offering was actually his own bedroom. Delgado went on to say that she thought Calloway was showing her to the room, but once inside he closed the door — and things reportedly went downhill from there. Calloway also made headlines for the 2006 sexual assault of Abrams, which he was ultimately arrested for. However, Calloway denied the allegations.

In the wake of the alarming reports, three other women have come forward with similar claims.

The latest news follows a string of reports about the allegations against AJ Calloway. Initially, only one woman had come forward with claims. Now, the number of women has increased dramatically. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the mounting allegations have reportedly led to Warner Bros. Entertainment’s decision to suspend AJ Calloway from his hosting position on Extra.

As a result of the allegations and Calloway’s suspension, his attorney, Lisa E. Davis, released a statement criticizing the Hollywood Reporter for the published claims detailing the alleged assault. “The Hollywood Reporter‘s decision to publicize these vague, unsubstantiated and mostly anonymous allegations – without providing Mr. Calloway with the details and information necessary to meaningfully respond to them – is thoughtless and rash.”

Despite the claims, AJ Calloway’s lawyer insists that her client maintains his innocence. “These allegations are completely false. Mr. Calloway has never sexually assaulted anyone and is devastated that he is being falsely accused of such terrible conduct. Throughout his career, Mr. Calloway has been a tireless advocate for community empowerment and equality and justice for all people regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation or gender expression.”