Kim Kardashian Shows Off Weight Loss, Unbelievable Abs In Sexy Instagram Photo

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Kim Kardashian’s abs are out of this world in the most recent social media snapshot that the reality star posted.

On Wednesday, Kim Kardashian took to her Instagram account to share a photo of herself rocking long, blonde hair. While the Keeping Up With the Kardashian star revealed in the caption that she was missing her lighter locks, fans couldn’t help but notice the way her abs looked in the picture.

In the sexy photo, Kardashian is seen wearing a two-piece gray dress. The high-waisted skirt was very sheer, as Kim’s lean legs peek through the material and are on display thanks to the slip. She also dons a long-sleeved crop top which shows off her flat tummy and extremely toned abs.

It appears that the mother of three has a six-pack going on in the photo, where her skin is seen with a deep tan. Kim has opened up about her workout regimen in the past, stating that she’s using weight training to achieve her dream body, and it appears that all of her hard work at the gym is paying off judging from the rock hard abs she’s showing off in her latest photo.

The reality star often shows off her workouts to her online followers, revealing that she’s in the gym on most days.

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Kinda missing blonde hair

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As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kim Kardashian opened up about her weight loss and new body back in August, revealing that she was down to about 116 pounds.

“I work out about an hour-and-a-half every single day, heavy weights. I don’t do a lot of cardio. I’ve been working out really hardcore with a bodybuilder for one year. September is our one-year anniversary,” Kardashian revealed to E! News over the summer.

“I’ve lost 20 pounds and I’m really proud of that. I was almost 140 forever and now I’m like 116 and it just feels good. I didn’t see results right away, but when you stick with something and you’re consistent, you will. So, I love it,” Kim added of her new, more lean, figure.

Kardashian also admitted that she had to cut out a lot of sugar from her diet, saying that she’s been training herself to eat much healthier than she did in the past and that she’s learning how to control her cravings. However, she did reveal that the one thing she won’t give up is Haagen-Dazs ice cream, which is her favorite treat.

Fans can see more of Kim Kardashian when Keeping Up With the Kardashians returns for a brand new season on E! in March.