Donald Trump Jr. Defends President’s Tax Cut, Claims Middle Class Is Better Off And Twitter Claps Back

Shannon FinneyGetty Images

As the tax season progresses, there has been a lot of talk about the size of people’s tax refunds. Early statistics show that many families are voicing frustration over lower-than-expected refunds, pointing to President Donald Trump’s changes last year. Donald Trump Jr., the president’s son, tried to counter talk of widespread disappointment and Twitter clapped right back at him.

On Wednesday morning, Trump Jr. shared a post on Twitter that included a link to an article on the conservative site Breitbart. Don wrote that most middle-class families got tax cuts with the president’s highly-touted bill last year. He added that the buzz over smaller refund checks is not a true indicator that taxes have gone up for families.

The Breitbart article that Trump Jr. shared features a photo of California Democratic Senator Kamala Harris with an elongated Pinocchio nose and the headline claims that Democrats are misleading people about the tax refund issue.

The site notes that people’s refunds are smaller because they “kept more of the money they earned – that is, money they did not owe to the federal government,” so those early filers “overpaid their taxes by a smaller amount throughout the year.”

The article is in large part a response to a tweet on Tuesday by Harris that noted the lower tax refunds, saying that the president’s tax cut has ultimately been a middle-class tax hike that benefits the wealthiest people and corporations. Trump Jr. had tweeted back at Harris over the topic, but it looks like a fair number of people are tweeting right back at him in disagreement with his take.

Naturally, Trump Jr. received a fair amount of support from conservatives. However, there were plenty of people tweeting their experiences and sharing their disdain for the tax changes.

One person tweeted about how they received an additional 4.78 cents per week after the tax changes were implemented, but this person says they are getting $3,678 less in a refund this year. Numerous people noted how the tax changes are impacting the nation’s debt and deficit, which has just topped $22 trillion for the first time ever, and several replies questioned his utilizing Breitbart as a source.

Some people shared via Twitter that they know what they were receiving in their paychecks and they know how their refund checks are shaping up, so they know that they have not benefited from the tax changes. Others noted on Twitter that they did change their withholdings in anticipation of these changes, a move that many others didn’t realize could have a major impact, and they still received smaller refunds.

Donald Trump Jr. has been re-tweeting plenty of other posts that share similar sentiments to what he posted, but it’s clear that not everybody is in agreement with his take. Many will be interested to see how the refund statistics play out as the tax filing season continues, as it’s clear that many families are facing some major surprises, and not in a positive sense.