Colton Underwood May Have Just Spoiled His Season Of ‘The Bachelor’ By Wearing This Shirt

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Colton Underwood just dropped a hint that he is still a virgin, months after his search for his soulmate wrapped up on The Bachelor. The 27-year-old ABC star, who first opened up about his extended period of virginity on last season’s edition of The Bachelorette, hit the streets earlier this week wearing a T-shirt that says “Virginity Rocks” on the front. In a photo posted to Instagram, the hunky former football star is pictured shrugging, with a caption that says he is living his best life.

Colton’s photo received more than 155,000 likes and a ton of comments. While some fans praised Colton for his decision to remain a virgin until he falls in love, others questioned if the shirt was still an accurate description of Colton’s situation after his overnight dates on The Bachelor.

“Sooooooo I’m confused to when this was taken… like before the fantasy [suite]?” one fan asked.

“Highly doubt that is applicable anymore,” another skeptical follower wrote of The Bachelor star’s shirt.

Other fans asked Colton Underwood if his shirt was a spoiler — as in, he did not find love on The Bachelor— while others said Colton’s virginity has been way “overplayed” this season on the ABC dating show.

E! News also tweeted a pic of Colton wearing his virginity shirt, with the caption, “The most dramatic OOTD (outfit of the day) of all time!”

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living my best life.

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Colton Underwood didn’t tag the manufacturer of his t-shirt, but YouTube star and apparel designer Danny Duncan tweeted, “Even the Bachelor wears my merch lmao.”

Duncan’s website features a whole line of “Virginity Rocks” merchandise, including T-shirts, shorts, hoodies, pillows, and visors. For Bachelor fans who want to copy Colton’s look, several styles of Virginity Rocks shirts are also available online on Amazon for under $20.

Of course, the big question here is, did Colton Underwood just spoil his own season of The Bachelor by wearing a shirt touting his virginity? Colton has long said that his virginity has nothing to do with religious reasons and that he is just waiting to fall in love. Does this mean he didn’t fall in love on The Bachelor or that virginity rocks even if you aren’t a virgin?


The Bachelor star has been teasing fans with subtle spoilers all season, but he has stopped short of actually confirming that he cashed in his v-card with one of his final three ladies. But during an appearance last month on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Underwood admitted that the overnight Fantasy Suite week was “the most pivotal week” of his journey.

Kimmel later gave The Bachelor star some advice.

“You know if you come out of this thing – I mean, people have been driving you nuts with this virgin thing – if you come out of this thing and you’re still a virgin you might as well just never have sex ever,” the late-night host said. “You might as well forget it altogether.”

Based on Colton Underwood’s new T-shirt, maybe he has.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.