‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers And Rumors: Will Doug Davidson Return As Paul?

Tony EsparzaCBS

Since the moment that Doug Davidson announced that the powers that be unceremoniously wrote Paul Williams out of the scripts at The Young and the Restless, spoilers and rumors have suggested he will return. Fans could scarcely believe it when they realized that a former head writer and executive producer simply stopped including the Genoa City Police Chief in the episodes with no on-screen explanation at all.

From the day the news first hit, Victor Newman actor Eric Braeden became incredibly outspoken about the situation on social media calling for the show to have Davidson return. Most recently, Braeden explained that Mal Young attempted to dimish the role of all of the older characters on the show.

The veteran soap star took to Twitter to explain. Braeden wrote of Young, “HE tried to diminish all the established characters!!!!”

Fans replied expressing their extreme displeasure at seeing so many of their favorites in smaller roles on the soap they’ve loved and watched for so many decades.

“Writers need 2 get Y&R back on track & leave the veterans alone & bring them back! Especially @DougDavidsonYR and he surely don’t [sic] need 2 mess with you! The veterans made Y&R as great as it is & they need 2 create better storylines 4 everyone! Bring back, Paul. Show more originals,” replied one viewer.


Melody Thomas Scott, who returned to Twitter after her co-star Kristoff St. John’s death, also provided some hope that viewers may see Davidson as Paul back on the canvas sometime soon. She retweeted a fan’s picture of her character Nikki with Paul writing, “I’ll never stop dreaming… Let’s make this happen! Love you and miss you, my first and forever-classic Genoa City partner in crime! Love you, my Dougie! xo”

Inquisitr reported that Rey (Jordi Vilasuso) expressed his feelings of love for Sharon (Sharon Case), which presents a considerable conflict given that Sharon is a suspect in the case that Rey is investigating about J.T.’s murder. Right now seems like a prime time for Paul to return to the job and get some control of the situation to make sure the Rey does not end up somehow doing the wrong thing because of his strong feelings for Sharon.

Before Davidson stopped appearing on the show, he was Y&R’s longest-running cast member at over 40 years of service. Fans have repeatedly expressed their displeasure at the decision that the show made to leave Paul out of the script without so much as an explanation. Viewers and the show’s actors hope now that Josh Griffin has taken the reins, Paul will be back in Genoa City helping keep the streets free from crime.