Gunmen Attack Pakistan Official’s Compound, Five Killed

Peshawar, Pakistan — Militants attacked a Pakistan official’s office in the country’s northeast, killing five people, according to police and hospital officials.
The militants wore suicide vests and disguised themselves as police officers. They raided the compound of the senior government official.

Two explosions were heard, followed by a series of gunfire, reports Reuters. The government official, Muttahrizeb Khan, was gathered with tribal officials and members of political parties for talks.

Tribal politician Niaz Ahmad Khan stated of the attack:

“We were holding a meeting and some others were joining us when firing started inside the political compound, and then there was a heavy blast, and again heavy firing began.”

The attack is the second in Pakistan in as many days. Eighty-four people were killed in the country’s southwest after a massive bombing targeted the minority sect.

ABC News notes that the protesters have refused to bury the dead until those responsible for the attack have been arrested.

Senior tribal policeman Sajad Hussain explained the attack, saying that four militants opened fire on the policemen protecting the compound. Once they were inside, three detonated their suicide vests. The fourth attacker’s fate was not known.

Jamil Shah, a spokesman for the local hospital, reported that five bodies were brought in, along with seven others who were wounded in the attack.

Four tribal policemen and one elderly civilian were killed, while four tribal policemen and three civilians were wounded. Shahid Shinwari, an eyewitness, recalled seeing the militants attack as a prisoner transport van arrived at the compound. The militants allegedly attempted to free the prisoners.