‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Peter And Maxie Get A Clue & A Possible Valentine’s Day Romance

Todd WawrychukABC Press

It’s going to be one interesting Valentine’s Day on General Hospital this week. Viewers are gearing up for their favorite couples to get in a little romance to heat up their afternoon, and it could include Peter and Maxie. They are getting closer than ever spending more and more time together, especially now that they have a mystery to solve.

On Tuesday’s General Hospital, they headed to the MetroCourt to have a bite to eat. Spoilers from She Knows Soaps had indicated that they run into Nina and Valentin. They were dining with Sasha when Nina made an announcement that she and Valentin were getting married again. That surprised Maxie. Sasha didn’t look too happy, either.

Things got even more interesting when Liesl Obrecht came storming in as she delighted in making Valentin squirm. Obrecht knows what he did to get Nina back, and she has no problem making sure that he knows that she could blow it all up in his face anytime she wanted to. Sasha knew something was up as well. Nina is oblivious as to what’s happening between them. She was warned by her aunt Liesl that Valentin could still be up to his old tricks, but she didn’t listen to her.

While all of that was going on, Peter and Maxie were over at the other table spying on them. Maxie being Maxie had her trusty mirror that she whipped out of her purse to watch what was happening behind her. She is concerned that Nina will get hurt again. By the end of the show, they both figured out that Liesl is holding Valentin’s secret over him, and it has something to do with Sasha. Peter and Maxie are about to figure out that Valentin gave Nina exactly what she wanted just to get her back, even if it means that Sasha really isn’t hers at all.


It looks like this sleuthing experience will lead to some romance between Peter and Maxie. A Valentine’s Day preview clip posted on Monday made it appear that these two would be getting their romance on along with other hot couples in Port Charles.

Maxie is ready to move on after losing Nathan, and she is willing to see what the future holds with Peter. There are still many General Hospital viewers who are not big fans of this couple, but it looks like it is happening.

Who will spill the beans first that Nina is being played? Sasha is feeling very guilty about fooling Nina and Charlotte. She may just come right out and confess all. It probably won’t be Obrecht as she is having too much fun tormenting Valentin. Plus she has that job now at The Invader. The way it looks right now, Maxie is the front-runner in telling Nina the truth about Valentin’s secret.

Poor Nina just can’t catch a break. She will be heartbroken to learn that Sasha is not her real daughter. Keep watching General Hospital to see if she does find out the truth and how she will handle it.