Girl Who Fell Into Giant Panda Enclosure Is Saved By Security Guard In China

Michele TantussiGetty Images

At the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in Sichuan province, a young girl accidentally fell into the panda enclosure and had to be rescued. The YouTube video of the unnamed girl has gone viral, but unlike so many of these zoo videos, this one has a happy ending.

The crowd pulled out their phones to catch the rescue of the 8-year-old girl in the red coat and ponytails as she got rescued from the panda enclosure by a quick-acting security guard, says the Independent.

The child had climbed up on the wall to get a better look at the giant pandas and lost her balance, falling into the enclosure and attracting the attention of the animals. The pandas wandered slowly toward the child with curiosity, causing the crowd to shout for help.

In the video, a security guard lowers what looks to be a bamboo pole, but the little girl can’t pull herself up, as one panda grows closer. But the guard lunges forward to grab the child, losing his hat in the process, as another man holds his legs to keep him from falling in too. He grabs her hand and lifts her to safety, out of range of the giant pandas.

Chinese state media says that the man’s name is Liu Guihua, and he is being praised for his quick action in saving the girl who was referred to a hospital for examination.

The Chengdu center is warning the public that though pandas are cute, they are not “as friendly and docile as they might appear.” The zoo explains that even their keepers and trainers treat the full-grown pandas as potentially dangerous animals which can do serious harm to humans.

In 2008, a zookeeper was mauled by a panda in Hong Kong while he distributed the food for the animals.

Around the world, pandas are big business and attract crowds in person and even online. During the U.S. government shutdown, all of the Smithsonian museums, which include the National Zoo, were closed to visitors, says the Inquisitr. People from across the country visit the National Zoo, and many come to see the pandas which were a gift from the government of China.

These animals are so popular that there is now a “Panda Cam” which allows people to follow the animals online, watching them 24/7 as they eat, sleep and play. Yet, during the recent government shutdown, the window into the panda’s world went dark.

People were so concerned, they emailed the Smithsonian to make sure that the pandas were being cared for while the zoo was closed.