Hailey Baldwin Is 'Dedicated' To Husband Justin Bieber During His Rough Time Per 'Hollywood Life'

Justin Bieber is reportedly "receiving treatment" for depression, though it has nothing to do with his marriage. Now, a new report from Hollywood Life says that Hailey Baldwin is "dedicated" to her husband through this time. A source that is reportedly close to the couple spoke to the site and explained that Hailey worries about her husband "all the time" and that it "hurts" for her to see him "struggling with his emotions."

"The source went on to explain, 'Hailey loves being Justin's wife and looks forward to loving and supporting him through his good times and these challenging ones. She wants to stay with him forever, even during his most difficult times. She is dedicated to Justin and will never turn her back on him, even when he is struggling. Hailey will always love and support her man, she is not going anywhere.'"
On Tuesday, it was reported that Justin Bieber was reportedly "receiving treatment" for depression. A source explained to PEOPLE that Bieber has reportedly been "down and tired" and that the singer has been "struggling." However, the sources were adamant that his current situation has nothing to do with his marriage and that he is "very happy being married" to Hailey.

Hailey and Justin shocked fans when they married last fall. The couple wed in a quiet courthouse ceremony in New York after being engaged for only a short time. The couple had reconnected in early 2018 and started dating again. Prior to that, the couple had dated on and off.

Pictured below is a photo that Justin posted of himself with Hailey in November 2018. The photo was posted after the couple had been married for only a short time.

Although they are legally married, the couple reportedly wants to have a formal ceremony together. There were reports that the couple would have a ceremony sometime at the end of February or at the beginning of March, possibly on Justin's birthday. However, those plans reportedly fell through and it is unclear when the couple will have their formal wedding ceremony.

Last week, a Vogue interview featured Justin and Hailey talking candidly about their marriage. Justin also spoke openly about his faith and revealed that he and Hailey had not been intimate together prior to their marriage. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Justin Bieber also opened up about his dark past including his use of Xanax.

It is great that Hailey Baldwin is standing by Justin through this time in his life.