Bob Harper Grateful To Be Alive Two Years After Nearly Fatal Heart Attack

Bennet RaglinGetty Images

The world famous personal trainer who appeared on The Biggest Loser, Bob Harper celebrated the two-year anniversary of the heart attack that nearly killed him.

According to Us Weekly, Harper suffered a heart attack exactly two years ago today that came out of the blue.

“When I woke up in the hospital and I was surrounded by my friends and family from Tennessee and from L.A., they told me I had a heart attack. I was like, ‘Did you get the story right?’ There’s no way I had a heart attack,” he told the reporters of Us Weekly.

Yet it did happen and according to the doctors who saved his life at the hospital, it was a close call. Harper relates that it was a heart attack they call a “widow maker,” so named because it just happens and the person passes out, never knowing what happened until they wake up, assuming they ever do.

Given Harper is dedicated to his well-being via a healthy diet and serious exercise, it was a shock that the heart attack occurred in the first place. Speaking to doctors and running some tests, it was discovered that the heart attack was caused by a genetic condition Harper suffers from.

After surviving his brush with death, Harper has developed an appreciation for every day that he’s alive and seeks to make the most of the time he almost lost two years ago.

Inspired by the traumatic incident, he created the organization Survivors Have Heart. According to the Survivors Have Heart website, it was founded to assist heart attack survivors struggling to reintegrate into normal life.

“At times, survivors can feel vulnerable or afraid. They may not feel like themselves. But there is hope. By taking one day at a time, listening to their bodies and relying on their healthcare teams, they can find strength.”

Harper’s story resonates with other survivors and loved ones of heart attack victims during American Heart Month. His activism and inspiration help raise awareness about the dangers of heart disease that, according to the website for the Center for Disease Control, is the leading cause of death for both men and women in America.

The work done by organizations like Harper’s Survivors Have Heart, The American Heart Association, Weight Watchers, and the CDC seek to make heart attacks a thing of the past and find ways to spread awareness and inspire people to live healthier, safer lives.

Bob Harper serves as a strong role model for living life to its fullest after suffering a traumatic event like a heart attack, and he is seeking to help others with his story.