'RHOBH' Star Kyle Richards Slams Lisa Vanderpump For Trying To Make Her 'Look Bad'

Kyle Richards is calling out Lisa Vanderpump in a sneak peek at the upcoming premiere of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 9.

In a sneak peek shared by Us Weekly magazine on February 12, Richards and Vanderpump are seen at Vanderpump's dog rescue center in Los Angeles, Vanderpump Dogs, where they seem to be discussing some double standards in regard to the way Vanderpump treats Richards and their co-stars.

"In our history of our friendship, Lisa likes to take the opportunity to try to make me look bad sometimes when I haven't even done anything," Richards explained in a cast confessional.

In a series of flashbacks from previous seasons of the show, Vanderpump was seen defending herself, claiming she does not favor Dorit Kemsley over Richards and shooting down claims of being "unloyal" to Richards.

"I've sat there and watched her with friends who have actually done things to her that were really, really sh***y and make excuses for them," Richards continued in her confessional.

According to the scene, Richards' feelings towards Vanderpump came, most recently, after Vanderpump called her out for failing to come to see her latest restaurant in Los Angeles, TomTom. Although Richards pointed out that the venue hadn't been completed, Vanderpump told her she would have been welcome to stop by amid the construction and decorating process.

During a later moment of the sneak peek clip, Teddi Mellencamp is seen attempting to make amends between Vanderpump and Richards by explaining to Vanderpump that while she may be joking around with Richards, Richards takes her comments quite seriously.

"Lisa likes to jab at Kyle," Mellencamp explained in her own confessional.

As the scene concluded, Richards was seen with her hand on Vanderpump's shoulder as she insisted to her that she's "been there" for her at every second. Meanwhile, Vanderpump began to seemingly downplay her previous comments as the sneak peek came to an end.

For the past several months, rumors have been swirling around the web in regard to what caused Vanderpump's current estrangement from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast. However, fans won't know for sure what resulted in the dispute, or whether it was the women or Vanderpump who pulled the plug on their relationships until the show begins airing.

To see more of Vanderpump, Richards, and their co-stars, don't miss tonight's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 9 premiere on Bravo TV at 9 p.m.