Lingerie Model Danielle Knudson Flaunts Her Curves In Wet T-Shirt And Sexy Bikini Bottoms

Canadian lingerie model Danielle Knudson has developed a look that her fans cannot get enough of and those who love her sexy style will not want to miss her latest Instagram snapshot. Danielle has done modeling campaigns for the likes of Calvin Klein and Guess, and she shared a sizzling-hot shot from another recent campaign as she wrote an inspiring post for her followers.

This latest Instagram post shows a photo from Danielle's recent Doc Block Sunscreen campaign. The photo shows off Knudson's stunning physique as she wears a wet, white cropped t-shirt and skimpy black bikini bottoms.

Danielle's long, blonde hair cascades down her back and over one shoulder and she has her tanned, muscular arms raised up to her face to touch her dark sunglasses as she looks off in the distance. Knudson is glistening with drops of water as she stands in an exotic setting and the sunlight highlights her rock-hard abs and long, lean figure.

In her caption, the lingerie and bikini model wrote about how essential persistence, confidence, and positivity are in life. Knudson encouraged her followers to stop comparing themselves to others and to believe in themselves and their goals. Danielle also added several hashtags about fitness, persistence, and goals.

As it happens, this isn't a brand-new modeling campaign for Danielle. The photos were taken a few months ago and a few gorgeous variations have been shared elsewhere on social media. From the looks of things, this particular shot simply felt like the perfect one to utilize as Knudson felt inspired to share some insightful, motivational thoughts with her followers.

Back in September, Knudson shared another shot from the Doc Block campaign via her Instagram page and this one was especially racy. In this photo, Danielle is wearing the same cropped t-shirt that reveals a bit of underboob. She is sans bikini bottoms, but is holding some exotic greenery in front of her to showcase her navel and the curves of her hips.

Based on the tags in that post, it looks as if Danielle was in Tulum, Mexico for this photoshoot and Knudson's followers think the pictures are stunning. Last summer, hairstylist Gabrielle Solana posted another sneak peek of the shoot to her Instagram page that highlighted Knudson's wet, tousled blonde tresses and a sultry gaze.

Doc Block, the sunscreen Knudson is promoting in this campaign, was created by famed plastic surgeon Dr. Garth Fisher. It is available via retailers like Amazon and has quickly become a favorite of many celebrities.

Danielle Knudson has shared a lot of stunning looks via social media over the past few months. Many see her as a gorgeous girl-next-door type, but as the Inquisitr recently revealed, she can also sizzle in racier, sultrier setups too. Her fans respond enthusiastically to every style of campaign she shares and it looks like she's on fire with amazing new opportunities on the horizon.