Joanna Gaines Says She Feels Guilty About Giving Kids Ramen Noodles For Dinner

While she may be a super woman and a super mom, that doesn't stop Joanna Gaines from beating herself up over certain aspects of motherhood.

The mother of five recently sat down for a chat with Jenna Bush Hager and Southern Living, where she revealed that she recently dropped the ball when it came to her kids' dinner. While Joanna says she is usually one to meal prep and to have meals planned out for the week, she totally forgot about it one day -- and was forced to serve the children some ramen noodles.

"Two weeks ago, I came home exhausted. I'd forgotten about meal planning and had five bags of 30-cent ramen, which I made for dinner."
But luckily for Joanna, her kids loved the ramen noodles. She even says that they were in "hog" heaven as they enjoyed a special dinner that they usually don't have. The fact that her kids liked the meal so much gave Joanna a sense of peace after dropping the ball initially, she says.

"While I was beating myself up for giving them my second best, they loved it," Joanna shared. "And I found grace in that moment."

In the interview, the former Fixer Upper star also shares that she does feel a lot of guilt when it comes to her kids. At times, she claims that it literally paralyzes her. However, she says that she doesn't want to waste her emotions on something where nothing good comes of it. So instead, Joanna tries to offset the guilt by doing little things for her kids -- like making them hot chocolate to show them that she loves them.

"It's about finding little ways to connect," she says.

And as the Inquisitr shared earlier today, Joanna's latest interview is centered around her children and motherhood. The reality star says that motherhood is what wakes her up in the morning, and that her children are her heart. If everything else in the world went away, she would be okay with it as long as she had her children by her side.

With her most recent addition, baby Crew, Gaines dished that she has been keeping a journal for him to keep track of all of the special milestones. This is something that she regrets not having done with her other four kids — Drake, Duke, Ella, and Emmie.

"It was such a crazy time. Now it's the little moments that keep me in my tracks, because that's what life is all about," she says of baby Crew.

Joanna's full interview about her kids will appear in the upcoming issue of Southern Living.